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GTA Transit Current Photos

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We've got two threads for reminiscing about days gone by, so I figured... why not have one where you can share some more recent photos?

You can share photos from any GTA transit agency in this thread. As long as it doesn't meet the criteria for the other two nostalgia photos threads, your photos are welcome here! :)

A few photos from me to start us off:

Freshly refurbished ALRV #4221 along with #4249, in service on the 511 Bathurst last night:

30389244148_1a327f030a_z.jpgToronto Transit Commission 4221 - 07 by Andrew P., on Flickr
29320248837_09bf57238d_z.jpgToronto Transit Commission 4249 - 08 by Andrew P., on Flickr

A few CLRVs in the Queen/Kingston Road area:

44255586731_da7e8fb17a_z.jpgToronto Transit Commission 4039 - 08 by Andrew P., on Flickr
29320255957_0d1cfec373_z.jpgToronto Transit Commission 4096 - 03 by Andrew P., on Flickr

Some assorted vehicles operating on the 145, 509 and 511:
29320247937_ae198da884_z.jpgToronto Transit Commission 4417 - 04 by Andrew P., on Flickr
42448406830_ca55e4e53c_z.jpgToronto Transit Commission 4428 - 02 by Andrew P., on Flickr
42448388940_5ac9c0a9fb_z.jpgToronto Transit Commission 7929 - 01 by Andrew P., on Flickr
30389226328_c7ba338ac3_z.jpgToronto Transit Commission 4491 - 01 by Andrew P., on Flickr
42448387210_43b16c9b89_z.jpgToronto Transit Commission 7977 - 03 by Andrew P., on Flickr

Looking forward to seeing everybody's photos. ^_^

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40 minutes ago, J. Bullock said:

We have a photography section dedicated to this...


I don't have a problem with moving this thread to that particular forum if that's what the community feels necessary, but no one had any issues with either of the nostalgia threads - why's this one any different?

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Valid. But then, why allow the general railway photos thread? Anyone can go to their local railway line and see the things depicted there as well.

Personally, as someone who doesn't live in Toronto and only has marginal opportunities to photograph the transit system I enjoy seeing current photographs as much as I enjoy reminiscing about days gone by. However, if the community consensus is against this thread existing, so be it.

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