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New John City II - Transit City


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Discord is a text, video, and audio communication program that allows users to communicate with each other. You can join themed servers to connect with people of similar interests. It is available for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android

Here's the NJC Discord server. We have dozens of users and many users from CPTDB already on board! This server is for those with an interest in public transit and transit simulators with users around the world. Come and chill, and play with our growing collection of emojis. 😋

DISCORD SERVER INVITE: https://discord.gg/pYbEAn8

Who are we? We are a community filled with people who are interested in TTC Toronto Transit Commission, GO Transit, and other agencies around the world. We also have users who play openBVE, OMSI, Train Simulator World, and more.

Here on the server, you can share your photos, chat with other members, and learn about new agencies. What is the number for the Valleymede bus for YRT? What kind of powertrain is GO 2607? When is the next TTC bus coming to the bus stop? Exclusive to the server are special bots where you can test your knowledge with trivia, easily fetch fleet information, get departure predictions for a bus stop, and other nifty features.

Also available on the server are some downloadable content. This includes announcements and sound effects from various transit agencies, the New John City and New John City II (coming soon) map for OMSI Bus SimulatoropenBVE Train Simulator, and more of your favourite games.





DISCORD SERVER INVITE: https://discord.gg/pYbEAn8
SERVER RULES: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18BXVZppDFEk-4qe0cjA0z3QIkUMdNh5cDEdMOg-mIdo/edit#heading=h.alv63yrj84xy
WHO IS ONLINE - USER LIST: https://discordapp.com/widget?id=506512497797365792&theme=dark
WEBSITE for DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/

The New John City II map and the New John City 0.8 map for OMSI 2 update is coming soon!

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Updated the post to reflect the grand NEW JOHN CITY II updates.

Growth has been amazing, so I present grand improvements to the server. This includes a mass amount of new static and animated emojis and new/returning users from around the world.

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