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STM 22/23/24-2XX Retirement Watch/Sightings

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@Gerbil I answered your request!! I thought I was imagining things so I had to make sure I didn't. Also 23-223 was on the 16 this morning. 

4/4/19 22-410 doing the 41 WB at St. Michel Metro around 7h35 22-418 as En Transit at same place at same time 23-229 as the 92 at Jean Talon / Christophe Colomb 23-205 as

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St. Laurent's 22-242 and Frontenac's 23-231 were both doing the 161 WB at Plamondon metro at 8h05. 22-242 was tracking on the 161 then went to the 92 while 23-231 went to the 103.

22-288 on unknown route. Has duct taped drivers vent. 

22-282 on the 216 WB between 18h15 and 18h30.

22-309 on the 204 WB arriving at Fairview around 18h55. This was tracking on the 19h07 run of the 200 later on.

The elusive 22-410 was doing the 485 EB at Gare Dorval at 19h22. This one was doing the 17h14 run from Lionel Groulx before.

22-388 parked as the 460 at 19h40. 22-391 as blank same time same place as above.

23-226 was doing the 20h28 departure of the 16 from Parc Metro. 

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I took 22-346 on the 90-W today at 17:47 (run 63-05).

22-305 was arriving at Atwater just as 22-346 left. It wasn't tracking, but my guess is that it was a renfort filling in for the bus after mine. 26-001 was on that trip earlier in the day, but it was nowhere in sight when I was at Atwater.

22-295 was on the 124E at Vendome around 17:55.

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  • I took 22-364 on the 90-W at 16:26.
  • 23-233 was laying over on the 63 around 16:25.


  • I took 22-348 on the 90-E at 8:17 (SL extra 196-64).
  • 22-398 was En Transit at Atwater around 8:45. I think it had been on the 108.
  • I took 22-391 on the 90-E around 16:25.
  • 23-229 was on the 105-W near Montreal West around 19:15.
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  • 23-229 doing the 105 WB approaching Girouard at 21h47


  • 22-328 doing the 141 EB at Jean Talon / 17e Avenue at 13h40
  • 22-273 doing the 128 SB at DuCollege Metro at 14h50
  • 22-342 doing the 64 NB at same place at 14h51
  • 23-239 doing the 470 WB at same place at 15h14
  • 22-347 doing the 64 NB at same place at 15h16
  • 22-290 doing the 64 NB at Decarie / Cote Vertu at 15h45
  • 22-364 arriving as an empty 106 at Angrignon Metro at 17h54

St. Laurent's 22-328 was a nice surprise on the 141. Has no rear ad. 23-239 was not tracking for a while but I am glad it is back and it was on the 470 of all routes! 22-290 no longer has duct tape around the driver's vent. St. Laurent's 22-364 arrived after doing the 106 WB but it parked there for a while only to resurface on the 113 two hours later. This bus was tracking on the 58 earlier in the day.

iBus (via Felix's app): Anjou's 22-407 on the 55, Frontenac's 22-295 on the 161, Legendre's 22-398 on the 109, their 22-422 on the 55, their 23-206 on the 48, their 23-208 on the 104 and their 23-210 on the 106, Stinson's 23-227 on the 33, Frontenac's 23-233 on the 191

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22-347 was on the 810 this afternoon!

St. Laurent's 23-202 arrived as the 138 at Atwater around 14h10.

Frontenac's 23-233 was the 17h28 35 from Place St Henri metro. Arrives at around 17h00, this guy has a generous layover period!!!! Has really really tiny front fleet numbers and small rear fleet numbers.

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5 hours ago, trainsubwaybus said:

22-323 today on the 150

And I passed in front of Galland in Laval and 22-381, 22-217, 22-280, 22-253 and 22-321 are officially retired

Are you sure you don't mean 22-353 perhaps? Galland already put 22-253 in service as 7022 up north.

2 hours ago, ReusableNoseTissue said:

I caught 22-414 on the 105 this afternoon.

That bus was on the 25 EB at Rosemont / Christophe Colomb this morning at 7h39!

Legendre's 23-203 was on the 161 this morning.

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I took 22-369 twice on the 419 (9:50 from Fairview and 16:12 from JAC; same run). The rear door was very squeaky. On my way home, it stopped working and I ended up missing my stop. Also, the two rear facing seats in the back on the driver's side's seat backs are made out of the fabric material from 25-201 and up.

22-288 was also on the 419.


I took 22-405 twice on the 419 (9:00 from Fairview and 14:20 from JAC; same exact run as yesterday). That means I have a streak of taking 22-XXX of 4 😁.

On the way home, 22-405's iBus was glitching out... after every stop it said "Terminus, n'oubliez pas vos effets personnels. Merci d'avoir voyagé avec la STM".

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  • SMS changed the title to STM 22/23/24-2XX Retirement Watch/Sightings

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