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STM 22/23/24-2XX Retirement Watch/Sightings

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@Gerbil I answered your request!! I thought I was imagining things so I had to make sure I didn't. Also 23-223 was on the 16 this morning. 

4/4/19 22-410 doing the 41 WB at St. Michel Metro around 7h35 22-418 as En Transit at same place at same time 23-229 as the 92 at Jean Talon / Christophe Colomb 23-205 as

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I took 22-362 twice on the 419.

In the morning, it was doing the 9:41 departure from Fairview. However, this departure was marked as cancelled on the STM site but not on Transit. It left 18 minutes late and I got on it from Meaney at 10:08. There was a loud squeaking noise coming from the front that occurred continuously throughout my ride which I have no idea what the cause was. 

I took it in the afternoon on the 16:44 from JAC (same run, different driver). I didn't hear the squeaking noise. It has fabric seats except for some seat bottoms in the rear.

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  • LE 22-201 was tracking on a SL extra on the 495 this morning.
  • I took 22-343 on the 9:15 419-W from Fairview.
  • 22-337 entering Fairview as the 200 at 15:00.
  • 23-202 has returned to service! It was En Transit turning onto Valiquette from Henri-Bourassa WB at 15:23. It was later tracking on the 177.
  • 22-274, 360, 363, and many more were parked outside CT SL.
  • 22-387 was on the 215-W at Henri-Bourassa / Toupin at 15:35.
  • 22-325 was on the 64-S at Grenet / Poirier at 15:53. At the same time and place, 22-309 was doing the 64-N
  • 22-402 leaving Côte-Vertu at 16:00 as the 64.
  • 22-344 arriving at CV as the 225 at 16:06, then interlined to the 64.
  • 22-349 was on the 171-E at CV at 16:10.
  • 22-362 entering CV as the 70 at 16:13.

In case you haven't noticed, St-Laurent territory is by far the best place to hunt 22s, especially Métro Côte-Vertu during rush hours.

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I just missed 23-229 on the 90-E this morning (it came 2 minutes early). It was SN extra 460-71. The bus after was cancelled :(.

23-237 was parked at St. Jacques/West Broadway in front of the McDonald's at 7:30.

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18 minutes ago, BlueberryCake said:

Just wondering, how do you find this information?

Open the attached word document. It's the trips.txt file found in the GTFS data, just reformatted into a word doc so it is much more legible (thanks @Gerbil for these).

Instructions (courtesy of @Gerbil) :

Finally, if you're just curious about finding out which garages do extras on the 90 (or any other route), type ,90- into the search bar in Microsoft word.


You can see that Stinson and Mont Royal do 90 extras, and you can scroll through to see specifically which runs those extras are.

The doc used in these instructions is for an older board period, so it will look slightly different for the upcoming board period.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask!

- - -

I took 22-242 on the 219 this morning (7:20 from Fairview).

22-284, 288, 330, 362 (again), and 372 were on the 419. I took 22-372.

The following sightings were all from Fairview this afternoon:

  • 22-242: 201.
  • 22-328: En Transit.
  • 22-366: 72.
  • 22-403, 23-201: 206.
  • 22-404: 202.
  • 22-410: 201 (it was tracking).
  • 23-202: 208.
  • 23-203: 485.

Trip Search Sp2019.docx

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22-412 was reactivated today after being MIA since August. Perhaps we'll see more of this if the hybrids are incapacitated for much longer?

I took 23-210 on the 90-E during around 7:30. There weren't any cancellations on the 90 beyond the usual ones until about 8:00, when it seems like they ran out of buses. It was coming every 20 minutes from 8:00-9:15 rather than the usual 5-10 minutes. It was mostly Stinson extras that were missing.

23-227 was on the 105-W at Vendome around 7:50. Based on the stm website, it was the first 105-W in about 25 minutes. The line wrapped around the station and was probably the longest I've ever seen.

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  • 22-392 was on the 105 in the morning. It wasn't tracking.
  • I took 22-386 on the 90-W around 17:30.


  • 22-201 was tracking on the 105. Based on when the tracker said it departed, I missed it by 5 minutes. :(
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  • 22-386 doing the 195 EB at Gare Dorval at 14h13
  • 22-201 doing the 105 EB at Gare Montreal Ouest at 15h26
  • 23-207 parked inside Stinson door 11

22-386 has a grunty sound like 22-422. 22-201 is still missing the panel behind the front door. 22-329 and 22-367 are no longer parked outside Stinson.

iBus (via Felix app): 22-284 on the 68, 22-332 on the 64, Legendre's 22-384 on the 161, 23-227 on the 124, Frontenac's 23-233 on the 211

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  • 22-342 doing the 30 NB at St. Denis / Jean Talon at 7h46
  • 22-392 doing the 161 EB this morning

22-342 must be doing that run that ends up on the 164 later in the day. The reason why the 30 was turning from there was due to construction so it was on detour. 22-392 was not tracking. This bus doesn't track or when it does, it's always sitting at Legendre.

iBus: 23-226 doing the last 460 EB of the day (back at Stinson from LaSalle)

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3 hours ago, Frozen Yogurt said:

I caught 22-307 on the 16 this morning, as the SL extra. Run number box says 20.

It was probably wrong: that run seems to only do the 16 based on the stop_times file, and 16-20 seems too high for such an infrequent route. You'll know for sure when you get a bus with a digital run box. A lot of drivers don't set the manual ones when they bring the bus in and out of the garage (no shift change).

For example, I took 22-392 on the 90-E this morning. The run box said 44 but when I glanced at the iBus console as I was getting off, I saw that it was 460-63 (which made more sense, since I knew it was a 460-XX run and 44 was too low).

I also noticed it had to deadhead to Laird/Canora after finishing the 90. It was probably headed to do the 119E or 165E. I'll check iBus tomorrow, since 22-392 doesn't track.


I took 22-366 on the 90-W around 17:15. Nice ride, but ruined by a piece of trash playing music on his phone without headphones. :(

So I only took 22-XXX today!

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  • SMS changed the title to STM 22/23/24-2XX Retirement Watch/Sightings

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