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Ttc Mechanical aptitude test

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I applied for a position with TTC as a escalator mechanic about two weeks ago. I received an email two days ago from them saying that they would like for me to write a mechanical aptitude test 🙄🙄. Has anybody come across one of this test? and if so, what should I expect on it ?

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If you have previous experience, it’s nothing you can’t handle.

For example -a serpentine belt, or gear train has several pulleys in various locations (a,b,c, etc...) they’ll ask you which direction they’ll be turning if the belt is moving clockwise, for example....other basic concepts in physics will be in there too. Most likely some electromotive and hydraulic theory. Possibly some questions based on understanding an electrical/hydraulic schematic.

Basic arithmetic (with emphasis on fine measurements and machine shop terminology) -reading comprehension will be in there too.

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