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TTC Retired Bus(es) Whereabouts

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The Orion VII NG HEV (i believe the unit is 1742) near Progress and Brimley that is at a Toronto Police Property has been turned roughly 90 degrees, so it is along the fence now.

And you’re the one lecturing me about derailing threads.....

I agree that posting the exact possible locations is not the best idea; vague references (i.e. Toronto-Miss. border) should be ok. But then again, this thread sort prods the trespassing idea.

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On 7/25/2020 at 11:18 AM, Express Network said:

It would been appear ex-TTC bus #73xx (#7313?) is in a location where #7237 was.

It's 7325, and yep, same place as the RTS used to be. 

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