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50 Ducks in a hot tub

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This man was raising ducks to help feed the homeless in Toronto but sadly he just lost his main source of income as Youtube terminated his main channel. I am posting this on all social media accounts to raise awareness of what this man is doing and now may have to abandon because of what youtube has done.



A user named rapunzel69 posted this message on tumblr

Dear Youtube & Staff - Why are you demonetizing smaller channels that don’t deserve what they’ve been dealing with this last year and half ?


Especially the ones that try to do good and that try to make a difference in this world? 
I.E. - Feeding the Homeless, a righteous cause that deserves your attention & help.

For over a year now, your staff, algorithm, demonetizing, bots etc… have been making it very hard for creators to enjoy their craft. As you’re aware, a lot of these creators take this very seriously, and for many, this is a full-time job. At one point in time, it was known by all, that you encouraged everyone to pour their whole lives into making videos, and you know what, They did. People made a living on this platform, a career, made dreams come true, made friends, made a difference, helped their communities, made connections that would last a lifetime.

A lot of us, if not all, owe your platform a great deal, your platform has been there when we needed to create, to immerse ourselves, to get away from life, even if it’s just for a little while, to laugh, to cry and everything in-between. Your platform is or was the #1 social platform to immerse ourselves in. But it’s not just your platform that made us return three times a day, it was your creators, the people that make youtube what it is.  You’ve made something here, it changed the game, the world. We thank you, truly do, your platform was the platform to create and have our voices heard. 

But lately, it’s been really hard for a few hundred’s if not, thousands of creators that are trying to hang on to hope, hope that your staff or someone will contact them back with information or have their concerns or questions answered. Hope that their channels or videos won’t be deleted for no reason,  or views blocked or even filtered. Hope that someone can tell them what’s going on with the issues they face on a daily basis on this platform. It ranges from deleting views, subs, videos to bots striking videos down, and no matter how many times you contact the staff or appeal a decision, nothing helps, no one returns your emails and it feels like there’s no hope.

Yes, a lot of people out there will say, “youtube owes you nothing”, but that does not take away the fact that youtube has an obligation to the creators and to the viewers to run this platform properly, with proper communication for us all. It’s a platform that was made to do what we’ve all been using it for, to immerse and to create content. Yes, it’s a free platform, but youtube makes their money, they are a billion dollar company and We deserve communication, proper communication with actual real staff behind the computer answering questions, helping the creator and improving the platform.

If a creator gets strikes, and that creator appeals that decision but still receives notice that the strike stands, then that creator needs to be properly contacted as to why, and give them a chance to edit that video and or video title. Because lately, your programming has been deleting, striking and threatening to delete channels with no proper communication to the creators who demand answers. It’s like a free for all, bots going around causing havoc because that’s what they are programmed to do.

It’s not right or fair to us the creators or the millions of viewers who are affected by these changes to their favorite creators. They face deletion of their channels on a daily basis and it’s not right.

There’s one creator, in particular, a man who devotes his daily life to raising ducks to feed the homeless in Ontario, Canada yearly, that faces a great deal of issues with your platform on daily basis. He documents his life and every issue daily and records them live for all to view. He’s been dealing with your so-called “staff”, appeals, bots, notices of strikes, deletion of his videos and warnings of channel closer for months and yet, he’s had no help from your staff or any returned emails to explain why or even answer his demands or questions.  You’re making this one mans life more difficult then it needs to be.

Channels and creators like this man should be an exception to your new rules and should be singled out into a section where more staff can properly communicate and answer their questions. They should be protected from your bots and their monetization returned on their videos.

This man has worked so hard to raise and breed ducks to feed the homeless since 2012. He’s provided in the last few months at least 1,100  + duck eggs to a local food bank every two days, and he will continue to do so throughout the summer, all live on his channel.  Last year he donated all of his Metzer Farm’s very generous donation of 1,100+ ducklings he raised to adults to feed the homeless in Ontario and he’s receiving the same amount again this year. 

He does all this by himself, all day, every day for a good cause, with little to no money for himself. He receives donations as much as he can from his fans on youtube and any other social media platforms to keep him going. Raising ducks is not cheap and it’s a great deal of an expense to keep this going. 

Youtube’s monetization was one of his means of income, but that was stripped from him, with no real reason as to why? He has over 57,000 subs…
Why wouldn’t advertisers want their commercials to be seen in front of his videos?
Why wouldn’t they want to support a good cause? Feeding the homeless?

He documents his life with the ducks live on youtube, daily to show the viewers his daily routine and what it takes to raise them properly and happy, just to feed the homeless. It’s a beautiful cause to support and youtube should at least look into his issues regarding the strikes he’s facing.

The strikes are uncalled for, these are animal videos that he documents, his animals. Receiving strikes for videos that have titles like “Duck penis or Duck Sex” should not be the reason for his channel to be deleted. If your platform has an issue with those titles, then your staff needs to properly contact him and explain what he needs to change.

For months now, not one word back from any of your staff regarding these issues or any returned emails answering his questions as to why? Just basic to no explanations regarding the appeals, but no real fix to the issues at hand.

This man needs help, proper youtube staff’s help, anything at this point to get these issues fixed so he can continue to help the homeless.

YouTube needs to do better.

Matt can be seen and contacted below -

Ethically Raising Free Range Ducks Live Streamed On YouTube

All Our Meat & Eggs Are Donated To Charity

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/moviematcanada
Twitter : https://twitter.com/50ducks

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/50DucksInAHotTub

Website: http://www.50ducksinahottub.com/
Store: https://www.cafepress.com/50ducks

News Source: https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=465886

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@youtube @youtube @50ducksinahottub 


and there Is a petition  on change.org to try and change youtube so users cna appear more then once.


Sorry for this extensive post but I'm doing every thing i can do to give this man notice since YouTube apparently is giving this man the middle finger.

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Good News! As of today the Main Channel was restored and most videos are viewable

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