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A little Kitchener Transit help needed


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Hello all. I was wondering if I could get a little help with a Kitchener Transit project I have going. This weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase an old Canadian Cleveland farebox from a gentleman in Cambridge. While we were talking back and forth he also mentioned he had a Flyer front bus emblem that his father had when he was a mechanic with KT. I was able to acquire both, which made my weekend, but now am in a bind. I was hoping that someone from KT might possibly still be in possession of a key that might fit this farebox. It would be a shame to have to drill the lock as I want to keep it as original as possible. The bus number on the back of the emblem was I assume unit 773, and I was able to find a nice picture of unit 745 which had the farebox in question in the window. The key would have been a 4 sided key (cruciform key), but I don't know what the key code would be. Would all the fareboxes have been keyed alike? I have included a picture of the farebox. I was also wondering if someone might know the purpose of the "hook" lever sitting behind the dump handle. It seems to be spring loaded and moves up and down, but that's all I know of it.

If there are any KT employees that might be able to help me out it would be greatly appreciated....




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I'm pretty sure all the fareboxes of that type, for the same transit company, would have used the same type of keys. It would be a logistical nightmare to have a different set of keys for each farebox.  There are probably two keys, one to open the door on the outside, and one to open the safe on the inside.  The spring loaded latch, I'm guessing, holds down a pin on the inside that secures the door and safe. The pin has to be moved to the up position, by means of this latch, to open the door and get the safe out. (Something like that, it's been years since I've opened my farebox). As for where to get keys, another avenue you could explore is asking various bus / railway museums if they can steer you in the right direction.

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