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OCTD 2039

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This content additions page is for all information that is yet to be added into Omnitrans wiki articles as well as information relevant to that bus system. The following information that needs to be added is:

Units 131-141 are retired since one of those units didn't appear on the Transsee bus tracker website for Omnitrans, and I didn't see them in service as of last year. The order of 2016 New Flyer XN40s likely caused the retirement of these 2001 model New Flyer C40LFs.

2012 and 2014 New Flyer XN40s from Omnitrans have Voith D864.5 transmissions instead of Allison Transmission, as seen in the wiki article, which is inaccurate. I found out that these buses' dashboards have Voith shift selectors, apart from the fact some of the Omnitrans XN40s sound differently from the OCTA XN40s. 

Units 1321-1333 have 6 speed Allison Transmission B400Rs

Units 153-154 are built in October 2003; units 158-172 are built in November 2003

Units 101-103, and 105-121 are built in January 2001

Units 175-187 and 198 are built in May 2005; units 193-197 are built in June 2005

Units 1201-1210 are built in June 2009; units 1220-1227 are built in July 2009

Some of the 2011 New Flyer C40LFRs have 6-speed Allison Transmission B400Rs; 1233 is one of these buses with an Allison Transmission

The 2001, 2003, 2005 New Flyer C40LFs, and 2009 New Flyer C40LFRs have TwinVision/Digital Recorders Amber LED signs. Note that the TwinVision brand destination sign controllers may either have the Digital Recorders logo or the Twinvision logo on buses made before 2007.

Units 171 and 175-198 have 39 American Seating Innovator 850 padded fabric seats

Some of the 2003 New Flyer C40LFs have 33 American Seating Innovator 850 padded fabric seats and 3 American Seating Vision padded fabric seats in order to accommodate the Q-Pods wheelchair securement system and one wheelchair securement station. These buses originally had 39 seats.

Omnitrans' New Flyer XN40s have 34 American Seating Vision padded fabric seats. Some of these buses' VINs are missing, which can be confirmed if you use AutoCheck.com by using one of the VINs closest to that particular bus and entering the next VIN for that unit.

Add Omnitrans route 208, 215, and 290. The rest of the routes that need to be changed are found in the latest Omnitrans bus book for January 2018 by downloading a PDF copy from their website or obtaining a physical copy by riding on Omnitrans buses.

Unit 640/1640 was built in November 1992

1997 Neoplan AN440A CNG buses were built from May to August 1997

Omnitrans' 1996 Orion Vs were built from December 1996 to January 1997. These buses had Cummins L10G engines and ZF 4HP590 transmissions instead of the Cummins C8.3G and ZF 4HP592 powertrain as listed in the wiki articles.

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