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Captain likes emissions-free, and emissions-free only!

As for me, I can't say much since we don't really see them here in Canada, and in all honesty, they're all the same, within Gillig, and when compared to other manufacturers too. They all look similar to their NF, Orion and Novabus counterparts at some point. Same components, especially from a motor and tranny perspective and aesthetically all quite similar. Heck, a non-bus person could confuse the former Phantom with the Orion V, the LF with the D40LF and the BRT with a Novabus. Personally, I like the BRT because it looks kinda neat, but apart from that, I don't see how it, or anything else is terribly different from anything we usually get here in Canada. 

You? I take it you're a fan by looking at your profile pic. 

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On 2/28/2018 at 11:20 PM, doglover44 said:

Anyone a fan of Gillig ?

Kinda. All the buses we have here in Knoxville are Gilligs. 

I'll post some pictures.

Knoxville Area Transit 2012 Gillig Low Floor Diesel '35 #4018

Taken: 8/15/20


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