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TTC Nova Bus Fleet Rebuilds & Retirements Tracking

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8602, 8604 and 8606 are all refurbished. 8602 had just left Hillcrest for what looks to be a road test. 8604 is parked outside of Duncan shops, while 8606 (and what I presume is 8592, but 8606 was blocking it) is parked inside Harvey shops 

8666 and 8685 are also at Hillcrest

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On 2/6/2022 at 10:29 PM, bus_7246 said:

8608 is now at Hillcrest. 8615 is the last one to go downtown (internal employee term). Neither unit has seen service this past week

For correction error if anyone doesn’t mind: #8552 is actually the last LFS in the old livery since this bus wasn’t in service in November 2020 and not tracking onwards. There is a possibility it could be an accident or something.

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