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TTC Nova Bus Fleet Rebuilds & Retirements Tracking

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On 4/3/2021 at 9:35 AM, Articulated said:

That's not the reason. Nova does not paint buses, they only apply decals to solid-colour buses (a white base in TTC's case). As@Bus_Medicstated, it's easier to paint the rear a solid colour, but it's more difficult to wrap an entire rear. TTC has traditionally preferred paint, so when buses go for refurb, they get painted instead of decaled, which is how they get red rears after refurb.

The eBuses have been the only buses TTC has received that were not built by Nova since the new livery debuted, so therefore since those manufacturers offer painting, they come with the standard red rear.

Nova doesn't paint buses in-house, but they have partnerships with paint shops and they accommodate requests for painted vehicles (random example). So it's probably a cost-cutting (and/or time-saving) decision to have the TTC buses delivered wrapped instead of painted.

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