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Vehicle License Plates and Vehicle Identification Numbers

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This thread is for sightings of any vehicle license plates or vehicle identification numbers that haven't been added to the Wiki as yet. So make sure that before you post anything that you double check the Wiki first then I'll add it for you. You'll know if it has been added if I react to your post. Your posts should include the following:

1. Transit Agency

2. Vehicle Number

3. License Plate and/or Vehicle Identification Number

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LACMTA units 4400-4434 VINs are: CV821129-CV821163

LACMTA 2000-2266 VINs are: JR825321, JR825373-JR825638

LACMTA 2900-2932 VINs are: ND102703-ND102735

LACMTA 2300-2402 VINs are: KR826637-KR826739

LACMTA 1970-1999 VINs are: KR825873, KR826045-KR826073

OCTA 7529's VIN is: 5FYC5FB167C031723

OCTA 5502-5580 VINs are: 7C031312-7C031390

OCTA 5581-5674 VINs are: 7C032165-7C032259

OCTA 7501-7528 VINs are: 7C032272-7C032300

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