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Do you have any Lightbars? *PICS*

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Many moons ago when I was a young teen, I found out my babysitters husband had a few lightbars, One of which I remember was a Federal Signal Twinsonic. Until that day, I never realized anyone could own police car lights but at the time never thought I would have a chance to have my own lights.


2 years ago I was browsing local craigslist and found someone trying to get rid of a Fedsig Vector, The type NYPD and CHP use. The guy was selling his for $25, he had no way of knowing if it was in working condition, I jumped on it and picked it up the next day.



Last year I expanded my collection to include 2 more Vectors(If you havent figured out by now, I like the Fedsig Vector) and a Fedsig Arjent:




Got both Vectors for $75 total, only downside to them are the cables were cut very short when taken off the vehicle


Last week I found on ebay my latest lightbar, a Whelen Liberty SXBBBB:



The liberty SX is a nice lightbar, it has the ability to have its flash patterns programmed per pair of light modules and looks like it is the easiest to upgrade without having to take the whole bar apart, I plan on upgrading the alleys and takedowns to LED modules as the SX upgrades are easily available on the internets as well as change half of the bar to half red/half blue.


Some videos:



Does anyone else collect these? Post your photos and videos of your own stuff!

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Made my liberty red and blue, upgraded the halogen takedowns and alleys to LED and finally this past weekend, upgraded the board to Wecan so I can program it with my computer.

might go for colored lenses in the future, Next thing I plan on doing to the bar is dual takedown modules, meaning 4 takedown LR11 modules instead of the 2 in it now.

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New update:


Got rid of most of my other bars, even had a Federal Signal Streethawk for a little while:



Now all I have left is my Whelen Liberty, Mini Vector SL and recently acquired Federal Signal Vista Ricochet Strobe Bar.




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