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OMSI 2 - New John City 0.6.1

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NEW JOHN CITY 0.6.1 for OMSI 2

New John City is a map created by @blue for OMSI: The Bus Simulator based on the transit services of Toronto's TTC and the Greater Toronto Area. The latest version is New John City 0.7. New John City 0.8 will be coming soon.

For the New John City II project, check out the Discord server for more information.



  • Buses do not stop inside stations when the subway is closed 
  • Some trips do not necessarily start at the ultimate terminus
  • Short turn trips to garages
  • Public/catholic school trips at dismissal time (2:40pm & 3pm)
  • Express branches, rocket routes, downtown express, blue night, community bus
  • Mostly frequency based schedules
  • And more...



  • 32D Eglinton West
  • 36BD Finch West
  • 56 South Brandonville
  • 69AB York
  • 81 Thorncliffe Park
  • 88AD Brandonville
  • 97ABC Yonge
  • 115 Silver Hills
  • 117AC Jarrett
  • 132ABE Hillside
  • 149 Parkway / Downtown Express
  • 191ABCE Highway 27 Rocket
  • 199B Finch Rocket
  • 320 Yonge Blue Night
  • 336 Finch West Blue Night
  • 388 Brandonville Blue Night
  • 420 Hospital Link

These routes are based on real life TTC routes. These NJC routes have concepts (routing style and schedule style) similar to the following routes: 10 Van Horne, 11 Bayview, 39 Finch East, 42 Cummer, 46 Martin Grove, 56 Leaside, 69 Warden South, 72 Pape, 78 St Andrews, 88 South Leaside, 115 Silver Hills, 131 Nugget, 144 Don Valley / Downtown Express, 169 Huntingwood, 191 Highway 27 Rocket, 199 Finch Rocket, 320 Yonge, 324 Victoria Park, 325 Don Mills, 407 Toronto Rehab Cardiac Centre Community Link





Download NEW JOHN CITY pre0.7 for OMSI 2 (May 20, 2018):



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On 7/3/2018 at 9:52 AM, The Transit Enthusiast said:

Do the ttc busses come with the route?

The TTC buses are part of the Chicago DLC for OMSI 2. You can find more information about NJC New John City in the official New John City II discord server. 

NJC II Discord Server:

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Updated the post in preparation for NEW JOHN CITY 0.8, the NEW JOHN CITY II project and the grand NEW JOHN CITY II Discord update.

Links for the post have been updated, and the non-existent videos have been removed.


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Hey guys, ( @blue )


Can anyone give me a detailed how-to step-by-step on how to put NJC into your OMSI files properly? Thank you!



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