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I have noticed on the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System wiki page, that someone is deleting my OWN photos on certain buses. For buses 408-412, should it be a separate listing, or should I have integrated it into 401-407. 

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I deleted three of your photos because they didn't meet the photo quality guidelines.  Before you upload another photo, I recommend that you take a look at the Photo Quality section, along with the Photo Name section, by clicking here.

The SDMTS 401-407 page has been renamed.  If you know which 5 C40LFs were renamed to 408-412, whether you're basing them on their license plate IDs or their VINs and either matches any of the info listed in the SDMTS 2701-2740 page, copy the license plate and VIN over to the correct cells in the SDMTS 401-412 page.

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48 minutes ago, Shemar said:

Can one of you delete the image file Toronto Transit Commission 8633-a.jpg because I don't know why the photo resolution is so small. Can you also delete Toronto Transit Commission 8782-a.jpg, Toronto Transit Commission 8655-a.jpg and Toronto Transit Commission 8944-b.jpg. Thanks.

I deleted all of the images you requested.  As for the image of 8633, you ended up saving the thumbnail instead of clicking on the thumbnail and saving the expanded image.  The next time you come across a thumbnail image that you want to upload to the wiki (considering that it meets the guidelines), make sure to click on it for the expanded image and save that.

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