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Celebrity Birthday Thread


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  • Mekhi Phifer ("ER", "Set It Off") turns 42.
  • Ted Danson ("Cheers", "CSI", and "The Good Place") turns 69.
  • Jane Levy ("Suburgatory") turns 27.
  • Jon Voight ("Midnight Cowboy", "Deliverance") turns 78.
  • Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry turns 28.
  • Michael Cudlitz ("Band of Brothers") turns 52.
  • The late Mary Tyler Moore would have turned 81 today.
  • Jude Law turns 44.


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  • Verne Troyer (aka "Mini Me" from the "Austin Powers" movies) turns 48.
  • Colin Morgan (aka "Merlin" from the BBC series "Merlin") turns 31.
  • Morris Chestnut (aka "Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr." on "Rosewood") turns 48.
  • NFL defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul turns 28.
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Singer Harry Styles turns 24.



MMA Fighter Ronda Rousey turns 30.



Singer Lisa-Marie Presley turns 47.



Actress Heather Morris turns 30.



Actor Brandon Lee would have turned 53 (1965-1993).



Rapper Big Boi from OutKast turns 42.



Actor Michael C. Hall turns 46.



Singer Rick James would have turned 70 (1948-2004).



Actor Clark Gable would have turned 117 (1901-1960).



Poet Langston Hughes would have turned 116 (1902-1967).



Actor Lee Thompson Young would have turned 34 (1984-2013).



Actor Davi Santos turns 27.



Actress Elizabeth Sladen would have turned 72 (1946-2011).



Actor Pauly Shore turns 49.



Rapper K'Naan turns 39.




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