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Silly Tilley

MiWay Eldorado charter - Saturday, October 21

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There will be a MiWay Eldorado charter on Saturday, October 21. These buses will be retired by the end of the year.

Departing Erindale GO Station at 10:30, returning at 3:30. There will be no lunch stop but there will be several opportunities for washroom breaks and to purchase drinks/snacks. 

Cost: $45, payment required in advance. There are already several spots filled and space is limited due to the low capacity of the buses (25-27 seats). Please send me a message using the PM feature for more details and how to pay for the charter. Thank you!

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Just a quick reminder for everyone coming tomorrow that the charter starts at 10:30 am from Erindale GO, finishing at 3:30. Please show up on time so we can get going at 10:30. Note that the washrooms at Erindale GO are not accessible on weekends however there are a few fast food places along Burnhamthorpe between Creditview and Mavis to take care of your needs beforehand. There is no lunch stop so make sure you eat beforehand, however there will be several bathroom opportunities and some chances to purchase drinks/snacks during the charter. 

For those taking transit, route 20 westbound departs Islington Subway at 9:33, arriving at Erindale GO at 10:20. On the way back near the end of the charter, a dropoff at Square One around 3:20 can be provided for those who request it.

I can accommodate 2 more people so send me a PM if you wish to come.

Thanks everyone and see you Saturday.

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