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YourStop Bus and Train Tracking Web App

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Would like to draw your attention to yourstop.info , a new Web Application that displays equally well on mobiles and desktops. It currently covers YRT/Viva  in Toronto,  MTA in Baltimore and MBTA in Boston but there are plans to add more regions going forward. It can be used to view schedules and live tracking (when available) gives both predictions and vehicle location/identification information.

It is not a trip planner but rather a stop focused application so you need to know the bus, train or metro stop you are interested in. There is however a good search facility to help you find it and once found it is automatically saved on your My Stops page so you don't need to search again.

Feedback (particularly constructive) is appreciated so let us know if you find flaws or see any obvious improvements. 

Check it out (and enjoy) at http://yourstop.info






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The bus or train identifier was missing in the first release but has since been added for all regions. So when you click on a departure in the initial listing you should see the Vehicle ID (as shown in the final image above).

Is this what you mean or is it something else ?

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Would like to let you know that a reload button has been added to the stop listings page in  http://yourstop.info (see attached image). This means that it is no longer necessary to go back to the "My Stops" page and select the stop again to get the latest live information.



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With the hour change, the time in yourstop.info for existing users is initialized to one hour in the future rather than the current time and as a result no live information will be shown.

To correct this, simply fetch the stop list again by going to Find and clicking on the city.


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A new version with some fundamental changes and major enhancements has just been released. Some of the more noticeable changes are:

- New look departure listing page with more space between departures.
- Ability to select a destination and then see the arrival time at that destination. Departures not stopping at the destination are filtered out.
- A facility to view later departures by clicking on a button at the end of the listings.  Repeated clicking allows departures up to 24 hours ahead be retrieved and browsed.
- Departures are now displayed beyond the end of the operator defined day. So if it 11pm, departures for later that night and early the following morning will be returned.
- Departure times for departures occurring within an hour are now listed in minutes away. For departures more than 59 minutes away, the time is shown. The detailed
departure information page still shows the scheduled and if available predicted times.
- Automatic refresh and update of departure information now occurs. This happens every minute. There is no longer a need to use the refresh button to see the latest predictions.
- The trip diagram uses different levels of opacity so a user can more easily pick out their stop and if specified their destination.
- Symbols such as "L" and "V" which were previously used to indicate that live information is available have been removed. They have been replaced with a small changing
circle which should be more intuitive for first time users. "C" ans "S" which were used to denote canceled trips and skipped stops have been replaced with a red line through
the time.
- In most cases, the route number or name is now shown on the main departure page.
- The distinction between getting current and future departures has been made cleaner using a "Travel Now"/"Travel Later" button.
- For transit data covering more than one mode of transport (e.g. bus and rail), the mode servicing the stop is now shown in the "Find" and "My Stops" pages.
- Station support added. When operators represent a station as a single virtual stop, listings for the entire station can now be browsed in one go. This can include different modes
of transport.
- Trips with loops (the same stop been visited more than once in a single trip) are now handled correctly.
- Added trips which do not have an associated schedule now show stops in the trip diagram.
- Presentation of notices has been improved when they are provided by an operator.







On 11/6/2017 at 5:19 PM, bus is coming 1965 said:

Can you add Winnipeg Transit?

Only seeing this now. In the format I need the raw data to be in I'm only seeing schedules. No live data available which I presume is not of much use to you ?

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A much improved version of yourstop.info has just been released. Geolocation and maps are now included and the text search facility for stops now shows the routes and destinations serviced by the stop. It looks prettier too !  Areas wise Greenville and Thunderbay have been added to Boston, Baltimore and Toronto








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New to https://yourstop.info is the addition of marker clusters on maps (previously single makers used everywhere) and at higher zoom levels markers close to or on top of each other spider out for easier clicking.

Additionally handling of unscheduled trips is much improved and bugs relating to Safari have been fixed.




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Would like to let bus riders and users of YourStop out there know that there is a new logo. For those who have added the webapp to their homescreen there may be an icon change and if there is, the new icon looks like that shown in the first image below.

For those unfamiliar with https://yourstop.info , it's main focus is to allow users find next arrivals at bus stops quickly and easily. Live predictions are given when available and buses can be tracked in real time. Recently viewed stops are automatically saved and favourite stops can also be bookmarked.










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