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Wildcat Transit route updates

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UNH Wildcat Transit made some routing changes for Campus Connectors for the fall semester. (I'm just now getting around to bringing it up here...)

Cottages connector: New service to 121 Technology Drive (This is the old GOSS International building). The route is otherwise unchanged.

Reduced service: This bus now turns around downtown (similar to West Edge) It no longer serves the Campus Core. The bus has also been extended to 121 Technology Drive. In summery the new routing is: West Edge, Downtown (turn around) Technology Drive (turn around at 121 technology drive) and return to West Edge. The bus no longer serves the Leavitt Center.

Also this got my attention. The Mast Road Connector entry quotes that the bus "turns around downtown and goes around the core of campus" in truth this bus does NOT serve the Campus Core it turns around using the Downtown loop like West Edge does. 

If you need to verify anything, connector timetables can easily be found on the Wildcat Transit website.



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