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YYZ Spottings

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I couldn't find a YYZ Spottings thread for Toronto after searching the General Aviation Discussion, so I created one and hopefully people can contribute their pictures of airplanes to this thread. Planes can be small or big, private and or commercial owned.

Here are a few shots from yesterday at Airport Road from the runway 23 landings and approaches.

35918098151_b25dede6aa.jpg by KMB BUS, on Flickr

35211925964_e7b6707a31.jpgby KMB BUS, on Flickr

36052094645_1afe10cf23.jpgby KMB BUS, on Flickr

35662524410_e6665f5c5c.jpgby KMB BUS, on Flickr

35918149231_9d658347d1.jpgby KMB BUS, on Flickr

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