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Transit geek

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42 minutes ago, Transit geek said:


I would like to know if there are any plans to introduce MediaWiki's VisualEditor feature into the CPTDB Wiki, which would make editing easier and eliminate the need to learn complicated wiki syntax.

Thanks in advance,


Been trying my darndest to understand the syntax on some of the formatting that I've been doing, unfortunately, some of it is different than that of other sites like Wikipedia (<references> = <reflist>, for example.)

I'm trying to get a cheat sheet updated at my desk to help me through it, learning from sites that have a lot of special formatting.  Is this something that the Wiki Admins might entertain adding to a special section of this site, if we can't do the Visual Editor mode?  As I'm probably guilty as sin (raising my hand high!), I do know my referencing is a little lacking when I'm rushing.

My wiki profile page also shows some of the standard clip-art I use frequently (wc logo, wi-fi, bike, various flags).  Helps me locate each one's name instead of doing a search each time.

--- D.

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VisualEditor definitely looks like a nice improvement for the site. We'll look into it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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