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MiWay charter - August 19, 2017

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MiWay charter - August 19, 2017.

Hi All,

With the arrival of 82 Nova LFS and 27 New Flyer XD40 buses set to occur over the next few months, it's time to announce plans for a MiWay charter this year.

The MiWay charter is planned for Saturday, August 19, 2017. A 2003 D40LF and a 2007 Eldorado EZ Rider will be chartered. Should there not be enough demand 1-2 weeks before the charter date, the Eldorado will be dropped and the charter will proceed with just the 2003 D40LF. As many of you likely know, MiWay plans to retire the 2003 D40LFs and the majority of their Eldorados by the end of the year.

I anticipate that the charter will be 5 hours in length, starting and ending at MiWay's Central Parkway Garage like all previous MiWay charters (accessible by transit and parking is available).

More details such as exact start and end time will be posted in the next few weeks. If there is similar levels of interest compared to recent charters in the GTA I should be able to keep pricing in the $40-45 range consistent with other charters.

If you want to attend the MiWay charter on Saturday, August 19, I would appreciate if you send a email to mississaugacharter@gmail.com to let me know. It makes it a lot easier for me to track attendance and communicate with people. I will also post updates and handle questions in this thread as necessary.

Thank you!

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The MiWay 2003 D40LF charter will start at Erindale GO Station at 10:30am, returning at 3:00pm. Parking is readily available at this location. For those taking transit, MiWay route 20 westbound serves the station directly from Islington Subway via Square One. GO Transit route 21 from Union Station also serves the station. On the way back, a dropoff can be offered at Square One around 2:55pm should people want this option.

Please note there will be no lunch stop on this charter, however there will be a bathroom break a hour in with limited options (Tim Horton's, Convenience Store, etc.). There will be the opportunity for a bathroom break near the end of the charter on request only. Please plan accordingly and take care of your needs before the charter - there is a Tim Hortons  and McDonald's a short distance away from Erindale GO. You are welcome to bring food onboard the bus. Note that the bathrooms at Erindale GO are not accessible on weekends.

Cost: Tracking in the $40-45 range per person. I will follow up next week with the firm price as I am still waiting to hear back from some people. The cost will be split evenly between all participants.

Please let me know if there are any questions, there is still space so if you want to come drop a email to mississaugacharter@gmail.com. Thank you!



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Just a quick reminder that the MiWay charter starts at Erindale GO at 10:30. Cost will be $40, if you can bring exact change that would be great. Please also try to show up around 15 minutes early so we can get payment out of the way and leave on time. There is no lunch stop however one of our stops about a hour in has the option of Tim Horton's and a hot food counter serving pizza slices nearby.There is no access to the washrooms at Erindale GO on weekends so please ensure you take care of your needs before hand, near the GO Station there is a Tim Hortons at the southeast corner of Burnhamthorpe and Creditview and a McDonalds not too far down the street.

I still have some room so if you want to come just let me know or show up tomorrow morning. Thank you!

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