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1 hour ago, TechSpotlight said:

I just looked at the new MAX Yellow/Gold route and I believe it might need a little bit of fine-tune adjusting, esspecially near the end.  There are no CTrain stations outside of downtown that are easily accessible by this route as well as the fact the end of the route (last two stops) are just completely useless. […]


5 minutes ago, Blake M said:

You may never see your creation come to light. They're already rebuilding the intersection of Woodpark Bv/24 Street as a traffic circle and a bus stop for the specific purpose of that being the MAX terminus

I also got the impression MAX Southwest was supposed to divert people *away* from the LRT … so I would guess the lack of connection with the CTrain is on purpose.

Perhaps the more direct access to Anderson from Woodbine can be accomplished by tweaking Route 56 or some other way?

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Unfortunately, the MAX route and stop locations are mostly set in stone outside of the downtown area.

Whereas Orange and Teal are crosstowns connecting the different legs in the network, think of the Yellow (and Purple) as another leg. I beleive the intention is for people within walking distance of those end stations to just walk. Those a bit further could take the 56.

Given the odd frequencies they like to use off-peak, connecting between a MAX and 56 (or any of the other feeder buses) could be tricky and the red line will probably still be the preferred option off-peak.

I think the biggest downside to this route is that there's basically no room left for an extension unless you cut through Fish Creek Park. East Hills is a bit of a dead zone in the short term but the growth potential for the Purple is huge in comparison.

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