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Tuscaloosa Transit Authority/Crimson Ride (University of Alabama)

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Tuscaloosa, Alabama is the home of University Of Alabama (UA).  It is served by 2 distinct transit systems, the city-owned Tuscaloosa Transit Authority and the Crimson Ride shuttle operated by UA.  

First comes Tuscaloosa Transit Authority.  It has a fleet of trolley-wrapped Eldorado National high and low floor buses.  Attached here are representatives of its sub-fleets, bus BAMA-8 is 1 of at least 4 high floor buses with black-on-white background headsigns.  These buses are probably built before 2006.  Meanwhile, bus PATA-13 is 1 of at least 5 2008-2010 sister buses.  They feature unusual black-on-amber background head and side destination signs.  Can someone clarify the chassis of these buses?  They are definite not Escort RE's as stated by the agency's CPTDB wiki page; and they are unlikely to be Transmark RE 29ft (I have attached Huntsvile, Alabama buses 030571 and and 537 pictured at similar angles as buses BAMA-8 and PATA-13 respective for comparison)..  These are likely to be the 33ft. versions of either the Transmark RE or the XHF, but these two designs are so hard to tell apart!

TTA-Holt-BAMA8-1.JPGHSV-r09-  030571-1.JPGTTA-Holt- PATA13-1.JPGHSV-r08-537-2.JPG

The gems of its fleet are 2 EZ-Rider II BRT 32ft. buses (PATA-17 and 18, of which the former is attached here).  They are dedicated to the downtown to UA shuttle route.  All Tuscaloosa Transit Authority buses in this post are pictured outside at the agency's downtown terminal-cum-parking garage.


Over to Crimson Ride.  This is a shuttle service operated by First Transit, which is started in 2007 to take over campus shuttle duties from Tuscaloosa Transit Authority.  The service's name is obvious inspired by the Crimson Tide nickname of UA's athletics program.

It operates two different kinds of cutaways with Goshen bodies on apartment shuttle duties.  Cutaway 6001 is on a Chevy C5500 chassis, while sister bus 6004 is on a Ford F-Series chassis.


The backbone of its fleet, however, is the NovaBus LFS.It has 31 such buses divided into 3 generations and 8 sub-groups.  2nd-Gen Bus 7005 belongs to the most numerous sub-group by far, as it is one of the 17 pioneer buses for the service.


Bus 7018 is 1 of 2 former NovaBus engineering vehicles built in 2009.  It and 7019 are the service's first 3rd-Gen LFS buses, and are the only 3rd-Gen buses that come with regular windows.  Sorry for the picture quality on this bus and a number of buses in my Crimson Ride gallery, as they were taken after dark, and I am awful at night photography.


I was able to picture 4 other sub-groups of 3rd-Gen LFS buses.  They all come as one pair per year between 2010 and 2013.  These buses with bonded windows are represented by buses 7021, 7023, 7025 and 7027 from the 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 deliveries respectively.


All of the Crimson Ride pictures in this post were taken in September 2013, except that of bus 7018 (Taken in January 2011).  The service has since added 4 more 4th-Gen LFS buses numbered 7028-7031, and at least 4 Eldorado National EZ-Rider II BRT 32ft. buses (2 of those are 6010 and 6011 according to Ryan Tilley's list)  Meanwhile, here are the links to my gallery on the agencies covered here:

Tuscaloosa Transit Authority 

Crimson Ride

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Hi! I made a visit to the University of Alabama campus the past Memorial Day, and I was pleasantly surprised that Campus Ride ran a normal summer service on a day that was supposed to see no service.  (No doubt that's due to a major on-campus activity underway at the same time) .   During that visit, I've finally managed to picture a 4th-Gen Novabus LFS in service in bus 7031 (I've spotted up to 7034).


I have also spotted  4 Eldorado Nation EZ-Rider II BRT 30ft. buses in use.  Bus 6009 is pictured deputizing for an identical Tuscaloosa Transit Authority bus on the University to downtown shuttle (The latter agency does not operate on memorial Day) and bus 6010 is spotted on one of its color-coded core routes.  (Buses 6008 and 6012 are also featured in my gallery).  


Finally, I took a rare shot of cutaway 6007 spotted on one of such core routes.  


It seems that the service has 2 more buses numbered 6014-6015 according to the service's Transloc bus tracking site, presumed to be more EZ-Rider's.  Once again, here is the link to my Flickr gallery for the service:

Crimson Ride

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