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Oxford University Transit (Oxford,Mississippi)

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Oxford University Transit (OUT) serving both the City of Oxford and University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) is the only transit agency with fixed route service within 2 hours' drive from where I live.  To witness a transit agency growing from 4 cutaways on 2 community routes to become one with the highest PVR (peak vehicle requirement) in the state of Mississippi at 21 buses during the Ole Miss academic year in the space of 8 years is nothing short of amazing, albeit with a mixed bag of cutaways and medium duty buses bought new and second-hand heavy duty buses,

Long-wheelbase Ford/Starcraft cutaways 1801-1805 are the pioneer buses at the agency, as illustrated by cutaway 1801 serving 1 of the 2 original community routes (Red) taken at the downtown Oxford Square back in 2010.  Of late, they are relegated to secondary campus-oriented routes like the Silver route (illustrated by cutaway 1803 taken during the past Friday).

OUT-RedN- 1801-1.JPGOUT-Silver-1803.JPG

They are supplemented by a pair of short-wheelbase sister buses, 1006 and 1007.  These two tend to be restricted to the aforementioned secondary routes, as illustrated by cutaway 1007 on the Orange route.

OUT-Orange- 1007-1.JPG

The agency's newest cutaways are Ford/Coach & Equipment Phoenix cutaways 1627 and 1628.  They are the weekday buses for the Red route and 1 also serve as the Saturday bus on the Blue route (the other original community route). Illustrated here is cutaway 1627 on the Blue route taken at the downtown Square last year,


The agency transitioned to medium duty buses after the purchase of 1006-1007.  The 3 smallest buses of their kind are 1-door Freightliner/Glaval Apollo buses numbered 1008-1009 and 1014,  Two of these are the weekday buses for the Blue route, and the other one can show up at any of the park and ride shuttles to the Ole Miss campus.  Illustrated here are buses 1008 and 1014, both serving the Gold route park and ride service.

OUT-Gold-1008 -1.JPGOUT-Gold-1014-3.JPG

In between 1009 and 1014 are 4 long-wheelbase Freightliner/Champion buses.  1110 and 1111 are CTS Rear Engine buses, and they chiefly serve the Green route (Illustrated is bus 1111), while 1112 and 1113 are CTS Front Engine buses (Illustrated is bus 1112 on the Gold route, taken at the Observatory Transit Hub at the Ole Miss campus)


The new order for medium duty buses at the agency seems to belong to 2-door Freightliner/Glaval Apollo buses with bonded windows.  There are 6 such buses numbered 1420-1425, and are identical to the standard buses at the Starkville-MSU Area Rapid Transit (SMART) serving Starkville and the Mississippi State University (More on that agency in a later post).  Back to the 1420's, half of these wear the original OUT white livery (Buses 1420, 1424-1425) as illustrated by bus 1425.  The other 3 (1421-1423) are wrapped in a revised livery based on the Navy Blue from the Ole Miss colors, as illustrated by bus 1422.  Both are taken Friday at the old Oxford Mall on the Brown route park and ride shuttle.  (They can also be found on the Green and Yellow Express routes)


Moving to the heavy duty buses, they have at least 2 Gillig Low Floor 1st-Gen 40ft. buses purchased from Foothill Transit numbered 2015-2016.  While 2016 was pictured outside the Ole Miss Student Union still wearing the Foothill Transit stripes back in 2013, 2015 was pictured Friday outside the old Oxford Mall wearing the Blue wrap.

OUT-Yellow-2016-1.JPGOUT-Yellow-2015 -1.JPG

They have at least 2 former Charlotte CATS Nova Bus LFS 2nd-Gen buses built in 2000, numbered 2018-2019.  Bus 2018 is confirmed to be former CATS bus 883 and is pictured Friday outside the old Oxford Mall.  Bus 2019 looks like to be ex-CATS bus 885.  Can anyone confirm this?  

OUT-Yellow-2018 -1.JPGOUT-Yellow-2019-1.JPGOUT-Yellow-2019-3.JPG

The second hand low-floor buses are chiefly found on the Yellow route.

A surprise spotting during my Friday visit is bus 1529, a former Charlotte CATS Gillig BRT 29ft. It must be one of the early-build BRT's, as it still feature a pre-EPA 2007 rear only found in the earliest BRT's operating with Ride KC (Kansas City Missouri-Kansas).  Also attached here are pictures of Charlotte CATS bus 625 of the most comparable configuration.  Can anyone confirm bus 1529's identity while at CATS? (Hint: According to the Charlotte CATS CPTDB Wiki page, they had 4 such 2005-built buses, 622-625, and that buses 622 and 625 are retired)


Finally, OUT once operated at least 4 ex-CATS Optima Opus buses (1601, 1609-1610 and 1615) as illustrated by bus 1609.

OUT-Brown-1609 -1.JPG

I strongly suspect that OUT get used buses from CATS so frequently due to their common outsourced managements (McDonald Transit Associates).  OUT is getting 5 brand-new Gillig Low Floor 40ft. this fall, and will start a campus circulator bus service.  I can't wait to picture both the new buses and the new route in action!

Here are the links to my OUT gallery and (a shameless plug with a photo chronicle to come) Charlotte CATS gallery:

Oxford University Transit

Charlotte CATS

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The invasion of the Navy Blue livery continues!  As a result of the fall network revisions, Oxford University has introduced 2 Ole Miss campus circulator services, aptly named Rebel Red and Rebel Blue.  They are operated by dual-door Freightliner/Glaval Apollo buses displaced from the Brown Park & Ride route (renamed Bronze and converted to heavy-duty buses, more on that later).  Illustrated here are buses 1420 on the Rebel Red and 1423 on the Rebel Blue, both pictured at the Ole Miss campus.  Remarkably, all dual-door Apollo's except 1424 (which I did't spot during my last visit) are now wrapped in navy blue.


All second-hand heavy-duty buses are now in navy blue as well.  This means the end of Foothill Transit and Charlotte CATS base liveries there.  Illustrated here are ex-CATS Novabus LFS 2017 newly deployed to the Gold Park & Ride route (no doubt due to its popularity) pictured at the Observatory Transit Hub and sister bus 2018 on the Bronze pictured at the old Oxford Mall.  Meanwhile, ex-CATS baby Gillig BRT 1529 is pictured at the same location as bus 2017.   It is now used on the Hathorn Express (the renamed Yellow Express, the previous assignment for bus 1529).  Finally, ex-Foothill Transit Gillig Low Floor 40ft. 1st gen bus 2016 is pictured on the Yellow route at Jackson Avenue, Oxford.


The latest gems of Oxford University Transit are two 2017 Gillig Low Floor 40ft. buses with frameless windows.  They are the first buses to feature the navy blue livery from new, and are exclusively used on the Bronze route.  Both buses 1730 and 1731are pictured at the old Oxford Mall.


There is also an unknown bus 1726 that is seen on the Blue route at times.  I'd like to eventually figure out what make it is as well.  Once again, here is the link to my OUT gallery:

Oxford University Transit

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My first update on the agency in over a year!

Since my September 2017 fanning trip, Oxford University Transit (OUT) seems to repaint most if not all of its existing buses into navy blue. Illustrated here are repainted 1-door Glaval Apollo bus 1008 and cutaway 1628 , plus second-hand buses 1529, 2015 and 2018.  All but the cutaway has been re-equipped with LED headsigns as well.


Meanwhile, the agency has obtained further new and used heavy-duty buses as well.  40ft. Gillig Low Floor buses 1832 and 1833 are identical to the two 1730-series sister buses.  They are now the main buses used on the Hathorn Express.  As for used buses, it has obtained at least five more Gillig Low Floor/BRT's (likely from CATS of Charlotte, North Carolina) numbered 2020-2024.  I have pictured 29ft. BRT bus 2021 and 40ft. Low Floor buses 2023 and 2024.  2021 is similar to bus 1529 except for a newer rear end.  It is likely to come from the batch numbered 630-636 with CATS.  Furthermore, if buses 2023 and 2024 do indeed come from CATS, they can be any two buses from the batches numbered 915-925, 926-930 and 940-960 with CATS.


On a final note, the agency has also started the Old Taylor Road Express route since last fall, as depicted by 2-door Glaval Apollo bus 1425.  All pictures but buses 2024 (At the old Oxford Mall), 1008, 1529 and 1628 (near the Student Union at University of Mississippi/Ole Miss) are taken at the Kennon Observatory Transit Hub at Ole Miss.  I have heard further route expansions and delivery of some Grande West Vicinity buses are in the pipeline, so I might picture these developments if I am still around this area when these happen.


Here is my OUT gallery:

Oxford University Transit


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On 12/5/2019 at 12:53 PM, Thomasw said:

Oxford has 5 Ex. Calgary Transit Grande West Vicinity 30' . 

Oxford has ordered 5 new Grande West Vicinity 30' buses so these leases are only around until the new units arrive.


I have in fact pictured 3 of those, and they run without any license plates.  The Silver and Yellow route buses were both pictured at the Ole Miss campus, while the other was spotted on the Grey route, a community route.  Meanwhile, the entire OUT fleet is now in navy blue, including the short-wheelbase ciutaway 1006.  It is now a dedicated South Campus Center shuttle bus on weekdays.  Also attached here are Champion CTS RE 1111 and CTS FE 1112, as well as the agency's newest 1-door Glaval Apollo (bus 1014).  As a final note, older Apollo 1008 is apparently totaled after catching fire.  I spotted it sitting in the agency's yard partially burnt out.  Once again, welcome to visit my Oxford University Transit gallery:

Oxford University Transit



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General bus assignments (9/28/2020)
With reduction in service a singular Vicinity has been running on the Green all day with either 2023/2024 running for half the day in the mornings. Various different Glaval Appollo dual doors have been running on the Blue west, blue east, yellow, OTR Express, Rebel blue and have also been making various appearances on the Gray normally however the Gray has been running with the only remaining Starcraft- Number 1006. Busses 1529 and 2022 have been running on the Orange and SOC shuttle respectively. My guess is that OUT is running the remaining 3 29ft Gilligs on secondary routes until the arrival of the next batch of vicinity's which I suspect will replace the remaining BRTs and 1 door Apollos. Too round it out 1628/1627 have been running both segments of the Red Route while 1730 and 1731 rule the Bronze Park and ride line and 1832 runs for Half the day on the Hathorn Express while 1833 runs the full day.

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