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Transport for London (TfL) London, England

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Back at the end of February this year I was able to take a trip to the London area and do a bit of transit fanning on the various modes. Here's a fairly current look at some of the system:

  • Red route buses:

I believe these are all privately owned and operated under contract by a variety of operators. Major operators/contractors in the London network include Abellio, Arriva, London United|RATP Group, Metroline, and Stagecoach. You can find others as well. Common new models are of course the Wrightbus New Routemaster (Borismaster) and also the Gemini 3, and Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 and 400 MMC version. A large number of older Enviro 200, 400, eclipse Gemini and Gemini 2 were also seen. Beyond those there are also some other makes and models depending on the contractor.

33876061341_16fb725b6f_t.jpg 33482901170_0c345fcb61_t.jpg 33054120213_7417c9389a_t.jpg 33679835161_09398402c4_t.jpg 33582674441_60afc5162e_t.jpg 32898371823_365809ab0e_t.jpg 32869447014_fbf23ebc64_t.jpg 33582680901_91f8af180e_t.jpg 33254735605_72540d9aa2_t.jpg

The electric buses are doing well it seems, route 507 and 521 are run completely with the Alexander Dennis Enviro 200EV on BYD chassis:


32507206833_ccc97ca3d8_t.jpg 33321712295_bc16cbd08e_t.jpg 32869390024_e6cbe3d466_t.jpg ...and a short ride clip of one.

  • London Trams

Trams serve the Croydon area to the south of London. A mix of equipment is operated, with the older refurbished Bombardier Flexity-Swift CR4000 and newer Stadler Rail Variobahns.


33650443275_1105e2a304_t.jpg 33650438935_7ac049f3fc_t.jpg 33538665112_cd8886cbef_t.jpg 33538657472_853c180bbc_t.jpg

  • London Underground

A mix of older and newer equipment is operating. Piccadilly Line was still the 1973 stock while a couple of others I rode were more recent. Open gangways are the standard now for all new trainsets. This helps a bit with some of them ore crowded periods and also with some of the older stations where the back set of doors on the train won't open! I didn't get a lot of photos of the Underground equipment due to the general poor photography conditions in the stations which make for blurry and dark shots, plus all the crowds which make it hard to get clear shot anyways. Here are a few however.

33826330856_699181d22f_t.jpg 33023693644_a327ac6ffe_t.jpg 33266751980_ac7e1b50ff_t.jpg 33266749370_79924bc592_t.jpg 33215395641_f7447c3745_t.jpg

  • DLR - Docklands Light Railway

Finally we have the DLR trams, the DLR is completely automated (think Vancouver SkyTrain) and consists of multiple lines around the Docklands area in the southeast of Greater London. The majority of the equipment I observed were the newer Bombardier B07 type. However a few of the older cars were also seen.


33662351176_0fa0e35e21_t.jpg 33547054562_5e7da013f3_t.jpg 32860644854_7f69afc648_t.jpg 33033077643_8a26d3753d_t.jpg


I was also able to ride once on the Overground, however I didn't get any significant photos, so I'll leave that out. Overall a very impressive system.
This is my main photo collection for stations, stops, and vehicles of Transport for London if interested:

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Nice shots!  

Interesting that the Tube stock and the Docklands cars have longitudinal seating with armrests.

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