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If there were themes for feature photo submissions, this post's would be the blowing winds of change...

First, we have brand new 2019 XE60 4950 traveling down Lexington Avenue at 68th Street about to pass under the Hunter College skybridges on a driver training run. The MTA has three of its 15 XE60s on property and while they've yet to see passenger service, they're earmarked for M14 SBS service on the new highly popular 14th Street busway.


Also the MTA began a large fleet swap this Wednesday with Coney Island's R160s being transferred to Jamaica and Jamaica's R46s transferred to Coney Island to support the coming implementation of Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) on the Queens Blvd Line.  As it stands now, two R46 sets have been in regular service at Coney Island on the G, N and W lines this week. Seen here are two R46 N trains at 30th Avenue in Astoria, Queens and 8th Avenue in Brooklyn's Chinatown respectively.

(I had a very hard time trying to choose between the two images so I'll let the mods pick lol)

49181118637_e7fb555371_b.jpg 49180417373_78769d7877_b.jpg

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Something a little bit different... a BBC streaks East on Jasper Ave at 97 St as a route 120. How do we know it's a BBC? Well, simple. Everything is (relatively) sharp except for the blurred trolley wire, indicative of "wire wiggle" from a passing trolley coach, and the streaks of light from the passing coach.
It was a cold evening, but, I had set out to capture some long exposures of trolleybus action. I can't help but be reminded of this passage from the book Edmonton's Electric Transit: "Will Edmontonians be able to stand a few years hence on an early frosty winter's morning and hear the stillness broken only by the hiss of carbon shoes on wire and the "clickity- clack" of the poles passing through switches?".

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