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1. 2018 MTA Novabus LFSA 5500 shows off its retrofitted TSP (Transit Signal Priority) antenna on a westbound M23-SBS to Chelsea Piers

2. 2019 MTA Novabus LFSA 5585 picks up passengers at Broadway on an eastbound M23-SBS to Avenue C.

3. 2019 MTA New Flyer "Xcelsior" XD60 6133 lays over after completing a trip from Sheepshead Bay to Williamsburg on the B44-SBS

4. 2015 Prevost X3-45 2682 makes the turn from 5th Avenue to 23rd Street on a Staten Island bound SIM1C

47399599781_84ec18f4ab_b.jpg 47399599591_34c44842ce_b.jpg 33523848278_58dc9a150a_b.jpg 47346872922_549b8a2350_b.jpg

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3287 seen arriving at brigeport station. This is one of the last 1998 C40LFs that we’re converted to diesel that runs for Translink 


18020 seen on a 99. This is a Brand new 2018 New Flyer XDE60.


2255 seen on a 16. This is a 2007 New Flyer E40LFR


9267 a 2001 Orion V seen arriving at Bridgeport station 


A Hertz Eldorado National EZ-Rider II Max BRT seen at Kahului airport


Edited by Thomasw
Added a better version of the hertz bus from my Instagram account
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Winnipeg transit 907 is seen at the downtown core while servicing route 41, there are now less then half of the d40i in service. However, this particular unit is set aside for preservation by the Manitoba Transit heritage association 


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I think the cover photo of next week should commemorate the last bus(es) inside the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel.


Friday, March 22nd, marked the last day for buses in the  Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel. This was done to accommodate future Link LRT extension as well as redevelopment around the former site of Convention Place Station.

Seen here is Pioneer Square Station during the evening rush of August 7, 2016.

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LACMTA 11038 at Los Cerritos Center, serving line 130 on January 15th, 2019. LA Metro is among the last American transit agencies to operate the Orion VI in regular service; these vehicles are contracted to MV Transportation for use on lines 125, 128, 130, 205, and 232. Metro's Orions have been plagued with the little to no maintenance work for most of their entire service lives, effectively making these buses guaranteed a risk of engine fire.

Unit 11034 has been recently involved in an engine fire yesterday morning, after 11062 had a similar fate not too long ago; as a result, these Orion VI buses are about to be replaced very soon by new ENC Axess buses. 



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