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Wiki Editing Guidelines

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Thank you to everyone who contributes their time and effort towards improving the Wiki.

These guidelines are only intended to clarify existing rules, and make them more accessible to everyone.


  • Follow naming conventions and photo guidelines when creating new pages or posting pictures.
  • Contribute high quality photographs and reliable information. General guidelines on photo quality are listed here. Information should be factual and not based on assumptions.

Please don't:

  • Repeatedly revert someone's edits. Instead, contact @Articulated, @Cappy@Kevin L or an administrator if a revision you're trying to make is reverted back more than once, or someone is contributing content that doesn't belong.
  • Replace photographs for the sake of replacing photographs. Generally, an image should only be replaced by a higher quality image.

We'll reach out if we think your contributions aren't following these guidelines. Multiple or severe infractions could result in loss of editing privileges.

If you have any questions, or feel we missed something, feel free to share your thoughts in this thread. Thanks! :)

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