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map.man (Darrin)

Creating Ford Motor Company VIN pages. Having a "problem", possibly with formatting?.

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Hi, editors.

I recently created a page for an explanation of Ford cutaway VINS at this link.  I also created a template (at this link AND this link) for the bottom, to start listing various model years (starting at 2001 through 2005 as a start).

Neither template show at the bottom of the explanation page, and it was an adjusted cut-and-paste job (so that I thought I'd not miss any formatting needed).

Can someone familiar with setting these up look at it and either fix or even explain to me what I had done incorrectly?

Help would be massively appreciated!

---- Darrin

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You forgot to add the / in <references/>.  That's why none of the stuff that comes after adding an incomplete code shows up in that page.

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