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Retired buses found, wondering what updates you want

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Good day folks,

I was flying a drone around a random farm yard last week, and came across two retired RTS buses, #218 and #220.  I have included some low res pics, but have better quality - the content will be limited until the melt is done and it either refreezes or dries up.


As an employee of RTS, I can also provide some insight as to buses we have and things we have done.  I see in the topics that someone noted our old trolleys we had (and have since moved on) and that the topics haven't been updated in a while.  I hope we aren't too boring!


Let me know how I can help!









DJI_0004 - Copy.jpg


DJI_0006 - Copy.jpg




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Those look to be old CC&F Brill C-36 gas buses from Regina Transit.  Very nice find.

They were built in 1949 as listed on the Regina Municipal Railway WiKi page in this link:

And as I look further at the images I see the fleet numbers that you listed. Very nice find!

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Whenever I drive around in the country side I often wonder if there is an old bus parked on a farm, or behind a building. Sometimes it turns out to be true!

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