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VINs for Pullman Transit Gillig Phantoms

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Could you please verify these VIN numbers for all of Pullman Transit's Gillig Phantoms?

The list:
96: 15GCB0918F1081263 (35TB/96/6V92, 10/1985)
97: 15GCB091XF1081264 (35TB/96/6V92, 10/1985)
98: 15GCB0911F1081265 (35TB/96/6V92, 10/1985)
95: 15GCB091XG1081542 (35/96TB/6V92, 11/1986)
94: 15GCB091XH1081655 (35/96TB/6V92, 2/1987)
93: 15GCB0915H1081918 (35/96TB/6V92, 7/1987)
92: 15GCB0917M1083907 (35/96TB/6V92TA, 1991)
104: 15GCB0918N1084579 (35/96TB/6V92TA, 1992)
105: 15GCB0912P1085097 (35/96TB/6V92TA, 9/1993)
107: 15GCB2013R1085637 (S50/T35/96, 1994)
100: 15GCB2015R1085638 (S50/T35/96, 1994)
106: 15GCB2118V1087487 (C21B096N4, 9/1997)
103: 15GCB211XV1087488 (C21B096N4, 9/1997)

Thank you

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