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Kitsap Transit Fast Ferry

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This services will be operate under contract to King Co. Water Taxi. All ferries operate by Kitsap Transit will be funded with 3/10 of sales tax only in Kitsap County. 

The existing foot ferry routes will also join the authority with the current vessels.

The Bremerton route will start in 2017 with another vessel joining the route in 2019:

1. Rich Passage 1 which is already built will start the on service. 

2. 2019 another 118 fast ferry with wake reduction technology will the join route. 

3. In 2022 another 118 passenger ferry with reduction technology will join fleet with it being spare for Bremerton and Kingston. 

Kingston route will start in 2018:

1. With an 150 passenger fast ferry joins the fleet. 

2. Spare vessels will include a spare for 2022 built spare Bremerton route vessel and 2021 built spare 250 bow loaded vessel for Southworth route. 

3. Spirit of Kingston could also be used as spare on this route. 

Southworth route will start in 2020:

1. 250 passenger fast ferry with bow loading fleet. 

2. Another spare 250 passenger fast ferry with bow loading will join the fleet. 

Only the 118 fast ferries with wake reduction technology will only type of vessel allowed to operate on Bremerton route due Rich Passage. 

Any type vessel can be operate on Kingston route alone with the Spirit of Kingston. 

Southworth route can only use Bow loading equipment vessel due no passenger dock at Southworth terminal. 


This plan will make easer to get from Kitsap County to Downtown Seattle. 



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