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Disney Transport (Florida) photos

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19 minutes ago, Erin Mishkin Jr. said:

Those photos look nice! 

There’s a fleet numbering error on the page. It says 5210-5279 as the 2019 fleet, but those are two different fleets. The 2017 fleet is 5207-5212 and the 2019 fleet is 5213-5288. The 2016 fleet and older ones are correctly listed.

Thanks for the update! I've put the corrected numbers onto the fleet page.

From photos, it also looks like they're also no longer using the year suffix as part of the fleet numbers.

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I saw a video recently and it had 5257 as a Daisy wrapped bus. I am still on the lookout for what 5236's wrap is. I have also been keeping track of license plates, and I now have gotten all the license plates for the Articulated buses (Novas and XD60's). Sometime in 2018, Disney has changed the license plates of the buses from normal white background ones to a fleet-based green background plates. New Flyers: 5146 is GEX 034, 5147 is GEX 035, 5148 is GEX 036, 5149 is GEX 037, 5150 is GEX 038, and 5151 is GEX 039. Novas: 5152 is GEX 040, 5153 is GEX 041, 5154 is GEX 042, 5155 is GEX 043, 5156 is GEX 044, and 5157 is GEX 045. I am still looking around for the 40-footer plates and when I get them I will list them.

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