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Ralph Watzke

Can anyone identify this 1930's era transit bus?

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...together with a huge collection of old trucks.

This obviously was a transit bus, as can be seen from the presence of a roller sign. Also I recall it having a center exit door (not visible on this view).

Does anyone have any idea of its history? What make and year? What city transit system was it part of?

This is a very interesting property for old vehicle, especially truck afficionados, as it contains nearly a hundred large and medium trucks, of the kind that are very seldom preserved. It is located on the north side of Yellowhead Highway 16 near Marshall, almost across from the large modern grain elevator facility.




Winnipeg colors - cream and orange? Might this have been one of the ten late-thirties Macks that Winnipeg sold to Moose Jaw in the fifties, and were their #1 to #10?


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That looks like it's moved since I saw it last. If you think it's ex Winnipeg, why not post over there? I can only imagine some MTHA guys would know about it. 

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Yup.  It's definitely moved since I last saw it.  rAhCUay.png

I did look it up once and figured out what it was but I have no idea how I managed to do it

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When looking at my image full size, it very much looks like the badge on the front says White. Took this shot on Friday, May 26th.

Edit: While looking at the pic... decided to Google "Fell Auction". Jackpot. 


Coming up June 1 too. The listing includes a 1948 bus. I guess this could be it? Seems older than 1948. I have attached 2 pics from the auction site. 






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