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Commuity Recommended bus fleet for 2020


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Thing is - as much as I hate to say it - this ain't going to happen, I can tell you this for a fact. You can dream as much as you like, but dreams are just that - dreams.

We don't get to decide what TransLink does with its' resources (spare buses and the like) - all we can hope is that (sometimes) the ones who call the shots make a decision that we like. Double Deckers are a possibility - but not a certainty right now. Give it a few years and maybe we'll see how things pan out, but dreaming like this and clogging up the forums with it isn't a good idea.

In 2009 I myself dreamt about the day TransLink came to its' senses and put the E901s and 1989-1990 MCI Classics back in service until the Olympics were over, but it never happened. Likewise it will never happen with the 1995-1999 New Flyers, once they reach 17 years old their days are numbered.

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IMO this would be fine in the fantasy section. But it does seem people like to latch on to one hope or another despite the hard reality. The other thing being that it's a long list of ever changing personal preferences. Perhaps a better solution would be to put it in a Google Docs and just hyperlink it, versus a text wall?

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