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LRTA 0507 is retired the only 05's that are in service as of right now are 0506-0511


this Photo is by. a friend of mine and it was taken outside there yard with the official retired 2005 Gillig 29'

and 9 2016 Gillig 29' buses are in service 

1601 License Plate# LRT 87 In service 

1602 License Plate# LRT 538 in service 

1603 License Plate# LRT 537 in service 

1604 are inservice

1605 are in service 

1609 are in service 

1610 License Plate # LRT 528 in service 

1611  License Plate # LRT 530 in service 

1612  License Plate # LRT 531 in service 

and 3 are awaiting for service 





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1 hour ago, Cappy said:

According to my sightings on LRTA's bus tracker yesterday, this bus was running on routes 2, 5, and 7.

That's 1611 that took over 0507s tracker how ever 0507 is here pictured it's sitting in the yard Retired  cause the lrta didn't update the tracker software to switch over from 0507 to 1611


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The mvrta In Lawrence MA Has 6 New 2017 Gillig 35' Advantages  comming They got 3 Hybrid and 3 Diesel ordered to Replace 6 more 2004 Gillig Phantoms and delivery will be in may of 2017 the fleet numbers for the 3 Hybrid and 3 Diesel will be TBA cause they don't know the fleet numbers for the 3 Hybrid and 3 Diesel 



Bangor Community connector in Bangor Maine Just Recieved a 1.4 Million Dollar Grant this past month  to Purchase 4 More Gillig 29' Buses to add on to the previous order that was placed for 2 29' Gilligs so we have 6 Brand New 29' Gilligs on order for  a 2018 Deliery 


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