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LRTA 2016 Gillig License Plate numbers and 2005 Gillig Active and Inactive list

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LRTA 2016 Gillig License Plate numbers and 8 are re in revenue service as of last week and 4 more will expected to be in service this week 
1601 License Plate# LRT 87 In service 
1602 License Plate# LRT 538 in service 
1603 License Plate# LRT 537 in service 
1604 License Plate# LRT         In service 
1605 License Plate# LRT.        In service 
1606 License Plate# LRT
1607 License Plate# LRT
1608 License Plate# LRT
1609 License Plate# LRT
1610 License Plate # LRT 528 in service 
1611 License Plate # LRT 530 in service 
1612 License Plate # LRT 531 in service 

2005 Gillig active and Inactive 

0501 Retired

0502 Retired

0503 Retired 

0504 Retired

0505 Retired 

0506 Active

0507 Retired

0508 Retired

0509 Retired 

0510 Retired

0511 Active 

0512 Retired


Note they will be keeping 2-3 2005 Gillig 29' as spares unsure on what ones will stay And go  I'll keep you updated 


can someone update the lrta wiki roster 

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