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Stoney Bus Garage

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1 hour ago, CTrainDude said:

I’d be surprised if there’s any sort of open house for this (or any) bus garage in the foreseeable future. The reality is, outside of people that frequent boards like this, there wouldn’t be much appeal for the general public to go see a bus garage and shop - the CNG part is good to talk about, but in real life, it’s just a few extra gas pumps.  It’s just a bunch of buses parked in lines, a mechanic shop like most others, and an attached vanilla admin space. 

The open houses at OBMF get a few more people because the CTrain adds an extra wrinkle, but honestly aren’t all that well attended.  It’s mainly employees that bring their families. 

You'd think the incentive of burnt coffee would bring hundreds, tho.

I would have thought that they would have something special because it's a brand-new garage

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