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AC Transit paratransit vehicles

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Some additional info on older AC Transit paratransits: (Additional info/corrections in italics)

add: 101-141 1996 Chev/Aerotech 250 Aero XT (Bought for light route service, 120-121 to Laidlaw for paratransit as 3120-3121, later returned to ACT 120-121 for route service)

142-145 actually 141-145, Chev/Aerotech 250 Aero XT Aero XT bought by a consortium (originally route buses, to Laidlaw for paratransit as 3141-3145, later back to ACT as 3141-3145)

3301-3333 is correct Ford/Champion Crusader 211 (from Laidlaw paratransit, 3308,3309,3313,3330,3331 never transferred to ACT)

3351's are 3351-3355 Ford/Startrans Candidate (from Laidlaw paratransit)

3361's are 3361-3397 Ford/Eldorado Aerotech (new to ACT for paratransit)

3401-3406 Ford/ElDorado Aerotech to Veiolia 2011 when ACT ended directly operated paratransit. 3500's are route buses.



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