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Visiting old Québec City

Michael Taylor

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In your case, your best bet would be to park at the d'Estimauville park-n-ride (on Sainte-Anne / east. of D'Estimauville street) then catch a 250 Express (morning peak only) at the parking or walk to the nearby Beauport terminal then catch a 800 bus (A2 plateform) to Pointe-de-Sainte-Foy, get down at d'Youville staiton . Bit of caution, you will need a Occasionnelle smart card with a valid fare (i suggess you the day pass at 8.25$ ) to open the parking gate, and also take note that the parking fills up really quickly on workdays.

Or you can park anywhere near the 800 bus line (following Royale street in Beauport) and then catch a Pointe-de-Sainte-Foy 800 bus from there.

You can buy a Daypass (laissez passer un jour en français) at the Couche-tard next to beauport terminal

In Old Quebec, you can use route 21 to move around the old city, service is every 15 minutes or less.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have more questions

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1 hour ago, webfil said:

Why not get off the bus at Gare du Palais station or under the ramps at Saint-Dominique and walk to the hospital? That will shave a good 5-10 minutes off your travel.

If you travelling to the Hotel Dieu only, then yes it's a faster way, altough be warned that you will face a very short but brutal climb up to the hospital

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