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I have just returned from a week-long trip to Eastern Europe, where I visited 2 wonderful cities: Prague and Warsaw. During my stay there, I took several photos of various parts of the cities (unlike most tourists, who only focus on the central, older part of whatever city they're in, I tried to explore both cities more broadly, including the suburbs), as well as many transit photos and videos (including some photos on the flights from one city to the next). In all, I took over 400 pics and over 30 video clips. I have edited and uploaded all of my transit videos from the trip on youtube, and sorted them into playlists: https://www.youtube.com/user/308813062/playlists. I have just finished sorting the photos out and selected the best 195 for my photo album, which can be found here: https://vk.com/album377956380_235427602. While I might not go traveling again for a while given my financial situation (in all, the entire trip cost me nearly $1000, but it was worth every penny spent), I think it's time to start my own thread. I will post my future updates here, including the upcoming TTC D40LF charter and any future travels, which I'm hoping to do next summer and possibly sooner as well.

Here are some of my best videos from the trip:

Prague Metro:

81-71M trains at Černý Most

Warsaw Metro:

81-717 train ride Młociny - Stare Bielany

81-717 train ride Słodowiec - Dworzec Gdański and departure from Świętokrzyska

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This summer, I went on a Contiki trip to Europe (the trip was a very special present from my mother). The trip started in Split, Croatia, and over the course of 11 days, visited Dubrovnik (Croatia), Budva (Montenegro), Sarajevo (Bosnia), Belgrade (Serbia), and Budapest (Hungary). This was by far the best 11 days of my summer, as I got to meet a whole bunch of new people and made a lot of new friends. Besides visiting these historic cities and learning more about their history, I also did some transit fanning - namely Budapest's subway system. I have just finished editing and uploading my new videos, exactly 1 year after I posted the videos from last year's trip (also on August 29). My main focus of the Budapest metro were the Soviet-built 81-717 trains, as well as their predecessors (like the Ev3) which are now over 40 years old. The E-/81-717's have always been reliable cars, but unfortunately due to their age they began breaking down more and more often, and would soon become unsafe to operate unless rebuilt or replaced. After much negotiation and controversy surrounding the tendering process, it was decided that Metrovagonmash would rebuild the cars into yet another updated model, the 81-717.2K, which came out in 2016/2017. Unfortunately the new model had bugs of its own, so it was hard to catch. The first day I rode the subway (which was the second last day of the trip) there were none in service, but the next morning I was lucky enough to catch a 81-717.2K (29/08/2017) after waiting about 10 minutes while on my way to the airport to fly back to Toronto.

Some of my other pictures from the trip are on facebook, and I still need to sort out the rest.

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My school organized a Reading Week trip to New York this year on October 12-15, and as soon as I found out about it via email I knew that this was the perfect opportunity for me, since it would mean going to New York sooner and cheaper than I could've hoped, on top of my summer vacation in August. I've always wanted to travel across the US (and particularly NYC). I've always pictured New York to be like Toronto on steroids (bigger, more diverse and interesting, albeit unfortunately less safe). I was impressed by how beautiful the city really is, including the new WTC building, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn & Manhattan bridges, and the sheer complexity of the subway network. I have never seen a subway system nearly as complicated, with up to 4 lanes going through a station, but only the outer 2 serving the station platforms, the middle lanes being dedicated for express trains/different routes; or seeing 2 trains moving in the same direction parallel to each other because they are on different routes. I also paid a visit to the transit museum, and was impressed by their collection. I posted 13 more videos on youtube, this time of the NYC subway (I also took over 100 pictures throughout the city, but still need to sort them out). My 2 favorite videos of the 13 are of the transit museum and the Manhattan Bridge. As of now, I have over 100 videos from 5 very different subway systems (Toronto, Prague, Warsaw, Budapest, New York). Next updates are expected in December when the TTC subway extension opens.

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I'm back in New York for the long weekend, coming back Tuesday night. This time I have 1 extra day to explore the NYC subway (my list of stations to visit included Manhattan Bridge, Coney Island, Brighton Beach, Livonia, Sutter ave, Court sq, etc). I brought my laptop with me so that I don't have to wait till I get back to post the videos (and was also able to successfully upload them through my phone) - going forward, I will try to always bring my laptop with me on my travels, and post new videos while travelling. I posted 9 videos yesterday, and 6 today (1 of which was also filmed yesterday). Tomorrow will be my last day to film (I'm also hoping to ride the PATH train), because I'll be leaving Tuesday morning.

Edit (06/08/2019): yesterday (Monday) I uploaded 6 more videos (decided not to upload the PATH train), bringing the total to 21 new videos from this weekend, and 34 NYC subway videos in total. Hopefully next year I will make a return trip to the EEU, specifically the same 3 cities (Prague, Warsaw, Budapest) and get more videos of 81-717s.

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NYC Subway: 6 new videos added. This time my main focus were the R46's, my favorite B-division cars, and the R62 Times Square shuttle, some of which are wrapped on the inside and outside and have a modified interior (fewer seats). I also filmed the R179, R142 and R188, and even happened to see a group of people riding between the cars on the 7-train (also caught on video, briefly).

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Prague Metro: 7 new videos added - 2 of line A (81-71M), 2 of line B (81-71M) and 3 of line C (Siemens M1).
3 days in Prague well spent. I arrived on the 17th after an overnight flight from Toronto with a transfer in Munich, and tomorrow morning I will be getting on a train to Budapest where I will spend another 3 days. 

Fun fact: line C also has a 4178 with a decorated (ad-wrapped) exterior.


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Budapest Metro: 16 new videos added
81-717.2K (line 3): 9 videos added
Alstom Metropolis AM5 (line 2): 4 videos added
Alstom Metropolis AM4 (line 4): 3 videos added (this line runs on ATO)

Both times visiting the city I have ignored line 1 entirely, just because.

Having payed careful attention, I was able to figure out the numbering scheme of the 81-717.2K fleet: basically each 6-car set is numbered as
(600+2n, 6000+4n, 6000+4n+1, 6000+4n+2, 6000+4n+3, 600+2n+1), where n = 0, 1, 2, 3...

Thus, the 37 trainsets are numbered as:


The lead cars are numbered sequentially 600-673, and the middle cars are numbered sequentially 6000-6147. Unfortunately I didn't have any luck finding set 600 (or 666), as neither of those was in service today (on December 22, the following 12 sets were in service, in the following order: 636, 612, 634, 658, 624, 604, 630, 660, 644, 626, 640, 662). Unfortunately the southernmost part (Nagyvárad tér - Kőbánya-Kispest) of line 3 is closed for reconstruction for months, so I was unable to get any outdoor videos of the 81-717.2K (Kőbánya-Kispest is the only outdoor station on that line).

The AM4 and AM5 trainsets have a simpler numbering scheme, each car has a 3-digit number and all cars within a set are numbered sequentially. The AM5 sets are numbered sequentially ending in digits 0-4 or 5-9 (i.e. 500-501-502-503-504 and 465-466-467-468-469), while the AM4 sets can consist of any 4 adjacent numbers (i.e. 568-569-570-571). Unfortunately, I don't know the full range of numbers for all of them.*

It's 4:25 am in Budapest as I type this (takes 5-6 hours to edit and upload the videos from one day), in just under 5 hours I will be flying back to Toronto (again with a transfer in Munich, unfortunately no direct flights were offered there or back at this time of the year).

*EDIT [2020/01/07]:

After browsing the Russian Wikipedia page on the Budapest Metro, I was able to find more detailed information about the fleet numbers of the Alstom Metropolis trains - specifically that they are numbered in the range 410-579.

Since I already knew that 500-501-502-503-504 is an AM5 set, and 532-533-534-535 is an AM4 set (having ridden and filmed both), that leaves 27 cars in the range 505-531. Since 27 isn't divisible by 4, that means the next set must be an AM5 set:

505-506-507-508-509 leaves 22 cars (510-531), not divisible by 4,
510-511-512-513-514 leaves 17 cars (515-531), not divisible by 4,
515-516-517-518-519 leaves 12 cars (520-531).

12 is obviously divisible by 4, and subtracting 5 would leave 7 cars, which doesn't fit into any combination of 4- or 5-car sets. Therefore it makes sense to conclude that those 12 cars (520-531) make up three 4-car sets, i.e. 520-521-522-523 would be the lowest AM4 set.

With that, we get the following fleet numbers:

Alstom Metropolis (AM5)

Alstom Metropolis (AM4)

Edited by 81-717
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NYC Subway: 5 new videos added. I decided to briefly pop by in New York on Wednesday in order to catch the last R42 run, since I didn't have any other videos of them from my previous visits (though in the future I'll probably avoid final runs). I left my house just before 3 am on Wednesday morning in order to catch a 6 am flight to JFK and arrive by 8 am. I then took the AirTrain from the airport directly to Howard Beach on line A, and got there around 9, nearly an hour and a half in advance, so I filmed some R46s and R179s. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to stay on the final run until the end, because I had to catch my return flight at 15:26, so I mostly stayed on the outdoor section (between 80th and Far Rockaway). The whole trip, including leaving and returning to Toronto, was within the span of 12 hours (I landed in Toronto around 17:30).

Here are a couple of shots of the sunrise seen from the early morning flight to JFK (taken 06:45 and 06:54 am).



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