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I  have more Photos to add to the LRTA Wiki page to with my Granted permission 

all these photos are taken at the Lrta Kennedy center In Lowell 

LRTA 1501 Photo Taken on 6/16/16 

LRTA 1511 Photo Taken on 6/16/16

LRTA 1101 Photo Taken on 6/20/16

LRTA 1001 Photo Taken on 6/15/16

LRTA 1507 Photo Taken on 7/18/15 Laying Over at the Kennedy  Center 

LRTA 0708 Photo Taken On 6/22/16 in Burlington doing the Billerica inbound 

LRTA 0809 Photo Taken On 7/18/15 Laying over at the Kennedy center 

If someone wouldn't mind uploading these photos to the lrta Wiki Page I would appreciate it 








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