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200s refurbished

bus is coming 1965

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I had a look at the building permits taken out against that address (1560 Seel) and the most recent one is for a burglar alarm in 2019, but looking at an older permit reveals that it's controlled by the RCMP since about 2012 or so. I can't help but point out just how many Ford Explorers there are plus a handful of Tauruses, as well as other knick-knacks like boats. On the most recent Street View you can just barely make out a "POLICE" decal and outlines resembling the RCMP coat of arms on that boat. If you've got an iPhone or Mac, Apple's most recent Look Around pass in the area has a pickup with RCMP decaling on it.

Then it clicked: I have to wonder if that's a GCSurplus staging compound in addition to being an RCMP garage. Although the Manitoba/Nunavut branch is listed as being on Inkster by Dunlop whenever you go to bid on something Winnipeg-based that has a set of four or more wheels, they share that building with Library and Archives Canada. The parking lot they have on the south end is puny in comparison. So it would make sense that Tony (the local rep) would have a few cars and trucks dragged over when they're just about ready to list a car on GCSurplus, get them photographed in the dock, then park them outside and let the bids flow in. Though because of what happened in Nova Scotia, and only several months after it happened at that, they've stopped selling ex-RCMP vehicles for the time being. I have to imagine that lot must be more and more packed now if they're not wanting to move those wheels while they figure out what to do.

Though it still doesn't answer that burning question of why the feds have a municipal transit system bus. Did they buy it off the city at some point? Did the city give it to the feds because they "needed" a bus for something but then whatever that need was fell through and it's been sitting that long? Something is definitely off.

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