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Add Bangor community Connector New 2018 Gillig 29' order to,the Roster

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Hello everyone I Just got word from Laurie  Linscott the bus Superintendent of the Bangor Community Connector has orders out for 2 2018  Gillig 29' Advantage Diesel  buses, but those take 18-24 months to be delivered in And the delivery will take place in 2018 for our Gilligs and also Community Connector is looking for up to Ordering 10 new Gillig 29' Diesel buses to phase in over the coming years, but it will be  a slow going process  with limited funding.

For now the Community Connector will have to rely heavily on extending the lives of what buses we have 



and In the roster said on order for 2 Bues that were suppose to be piggy backed from darts first states order and the 3 rehabbed buses from Maine military authority It didn't happen due to No funding last year 

Can some one Edit the Community Connectors roster 


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