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Add license plate numbers to The MVRTA roster for The 2016 Gillig 35' and 10 2004 phantom retired buses

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MVRTA Haverhill 

1601-1605 license plate numbers

1601 license plate number MVRTA 735
1602 License Plate Number MVRTA 734
1603 license Plate Number MVRTA 732
1604 License plate Number MVRTA 733
1605 License Plate Number MVRTA 731

They recently Retired 10 2004 35' phantoms that have been retired by the 5  2015 and 5 2016 Gillig low floor buses

0405 0406 0407 0416 0417 0401 0403 0409 0408 0414  they retired in June of 2016 

can you add these to the Mvrta roster here's some changes 

and also Here's a Photo of One of there 2016 Buses here is bus 1601 was taken on June 25 2016 At the LRTA Kennedy Center In Lowell MA you have my permission to add this to the roster 


and also here's another photo to add to the roster with my permission here is one of the MVRTA 2015 Gillig 35' Bus 1502 it was Taken On June 16th 2016 at The LRTA Kennedy Center in Lowell MA 



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I've made the changes except for adding the page of the 1600-series, which I'm still waiting to get the VINs of those buses, and uploaded both of these images to the MVRTA page.

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