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COTA Central Ohio Transit Authority - Update?


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Small bit of news to pass but 1401-1406 have had their CBus liveries removed and put into service on various routes. The Cbus route was originally suspended in 2020 due to the pandemic but now has been confirmed to be discontinued entirely as of 9/2022.

Also "Tacobus" 1276 is still at the spot it was at but has received a paint job so it looks nicer

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22 hours ago, Cotabus said:

all 10xx units are retired and the era of white with red and blue striped paint scheme in service is over

Thanks for the update.

Won't miss those rigid red and blue lines. It was a highly unoriginal scheme -- an uninspired mash-up of GCRTA, CTA and maybe some vintage WMATA. Very generic and unmemorable -- like no one spent more than 15 minutes designing it.

The current "gray+swoop" paint scheme might not be my favorite, but it's at least distinctive. It looks good on the New Flyers!

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