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Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority (RTA)

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So I just got back from trip at Cape Cod and Martha Vineyard which is a great visit there to the shore area. And I thought I would share to some transit systems. Not a lot of pictures and videos (to uploaded in the future) since I was with the tour group most of the time.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts is an island located east of Mainland US . The Island sitting way east in the Eastern part of Massachusetts is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean with many beaches in the resort area. There several section of the Cape including Lower, Middle, and Upper Cape (much of focus was in Middle and Upper Cape). There's transportation access to Cape via highway. Speaking of Transportation, Cape Cod Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) provide Regional Transportation in all of the Cape Cod Island area. Serving the Lower, Middle (Hyannis and surrounding area) and Upper Cape Area (Provincetown and surrounding area). Hyannis is the most populated area in the resort with the shores there and many ferry boat access to and from various island. Hyannis Transportation Hub is primary transportation hub for Cape Cod RTA plus motorcoach scheduled service from Peter Pan, Plymouth and Brockton with destinations from Boston, Providence and many more. Cape Cod RTA also partnered with MBTA on its seasonal Cape Flyer Commuter Rail service.
For Cape Cod RTA, they operated a fleet of Gillig Advantage Low Floor 29ft to 35ft and years from 2002?-2008?, Ford E-450/Starcraft All Star.


Below I've a picture of one of many 2002-2006 Gillig Advantage Low Floor #6116 at Provincetown.


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Were there any classic buses CCRTA used to run, including amongst?

GMC New Look
Flxible New Look
TMC CityCruiser / Orion I
Gillig Phantom
Grumman (Flxible) 870 / Flxible Metro


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The 1000s, 1300s, 1600s, 6100s are Gillig Low Floors, 29 ft

The 1900s are Gillig Low Floor BRTs, I believe they are 29 ft

The 400s and 500s are cutaways primarily used on their paratransit service but I think some are used on the shuttle-like routes

Not sure what the 1800s are.

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Here are my sightings on the agency in the past June.  While the agency has some single-door Gillig Low Floor 35ft. and BRT 29ft. buses, I was only able to spot Gillig Low Floor 29ft. buses with pre-EPA 2007 emission specifications, some Ford/Eldorado National Aerotech cutaways and a trolley replica.  I had to restrict my fanning to the Hyannis Transportation Center due to my visit to Martha's Vineyard on the same day and the need to catch a coach back to Boston later that day.

All of the buses pictured during that stay are attached here: Gillig Low Floor 29ft. buses 6116, 6117, 6120 and 6285 used on longer-distance routes; cutaways 399, 409 and 411 on the intra-town "Villager" and "Loop" types of services and trolley replica T1804 on a seasonal service.  

CCod-HyLoop-399.JPG  CCod-BarnsV-409-3.JPG  CCod-BarnsV-411.JPG  CCod-HyTrolley-T1804-1.JPG

CCod-Sealine-6116.JPG  CCod-Sealine-6117.JPG  CCod-H2O-6120.JPG  CCod-Sealine-6285-1.JPG

Just a question here: Does anyone know why do the RTA's in Southeastern Massachusetts so fond of the single-door configurations on their Gillig Low Floor 29ft. buses?  I have seen these with Cape Cod RTA, GATRA (Attleboro & Taunton) and Southeastern RTA (Fall River and New Bedford).

Here is my Cape Cod RTA gallery:

 Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority


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