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Intercity Transit (Olympia, WA)


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Two Ex Intercity Transit 1998 Gillig Lowfloors that went to Yakima, WA. now retired and for sale. The rest went to Grays Harbor Transit.

Yakima Transit 57 ex Intercity Transit #909


Yakima Transit 56 ex Intercity Transit #912 (this bus used to be dedicated to the Olympia Express, as it had a cell phone mounted for the service)


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For the same reason as WTA in Bellingham, Intercity Transit serving Olympia and its environs is another less interesting Washington State transit agency (A 100% Gillig LF fixed route fleet).

Right now, the 40ft. hybrid buses must be their flagship buses, as they are the agency's only fixed route bus purchases since 2010.  Bus 429 is the last bus of the ten 2014 delivery.  Also attached here are 2010 bus 401 and 2012 bus 414.


In terms of fleet replacement, I believe their next priority would be the 21 35ft. buses numbered in the 920, 930 and 940 series, as illustrated by 2004 bus 922 and 2005 bus 935 (the 2007 sister buses numbered in the 960 and 980 series like bus 962 illustrated here, are safe for now).  


And the 950-series of 2005-built 29ft. buses dedicated for the DASH shuttle like bus 951 won't be lasting very long either.  I fully expect more of the same (except for being EPA-2010 buses) for the replacement of the 35ft. examples, and the 29ft. DASH buses either replaced by the 970-series of sister buses (like bus 977 illustrated here) cascaded to DASH duties, or a new order of 29ft. EPA-2010 buses that would replace both the 950-series and the 970-series buses in one go.  Finally, I am unable to see any of the 990-series of 2007-built 40ft. buses in service.


As a footnote, its paratransit fleet is made up of uncommon Chevy/Eldorado Aerotech combo's like 2011 van 157.  Most Aerotech cutaways I've spotted before were Ford's.


My Intercity Transit gallery is now online as part of my vast Flickr collection.  Hope that you'll enjoy my coverage!

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Vehicles 430-435 have started appearing on the map, but I can't find any information on them.

My assumption, based on the fact that they just appeared and the rest of their fleet, is that these are 2019 Gillig Low Floors—can anyone confirm? 

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